10 Eggplant Benefits For Cancer 2020 | Brinjal K Fayde

There are many things in eggplant that are very beneficial to our health. Eggplant  contains fiber phytonutrients  calories potassium vitamin B.Eggplant Benefits

For Cancers

Fiber and phytonutrients in eggplant brinjal protect us from cancers, such as colon cancer, breast cancer and so on.Fiber and phytonutrients in eggplant shield us from malignant growths.

Eggplant Benefits For Weight Loss

100 grams of eggplant brinjal contains 25 grams of calories. It has a lot of fiber and water content that’s why for those who want to lose weight, eggplant brinjal is a good option.

Eggplant Benefits For Heart

Eggplant brinjal contains potassium vitamin B 6. So it is also very beneficial for our heart health. It regulates blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.

Eggplant Benefits For Diabetic Patients

Eggplant brinjal are very low in carbohydrates and fiber is high. That is why it is considered quite good  for diabetic people.Eggplant brinjal are exceptionally low in sugars and fiber is high. That is the reason it is viewed as very useful for diabetic individuals.

Eggplant Benefits For Brain Power

Carbohydrates in eggplant brinjal increase brain power  and we have less stress.Starches in eggplant brinjal increment intellectual competence and we have less pressure.

Eggplant Benefits For Skin

As we get older, our skin deteriorates. If we use eggplant 2 times in 1 week, then it is better for our skin.As we get more established, our skin break down. In the event that we use eggplant brinjal multiple times in multi week, at that point it is better for our skin.

Eggplant Benefits For Smokers

Eggplant brinjal contains small amounts of nicotine. So those who want to quit smoking should use eggplant brinjal.Eggplant brinjal contains modest quantities of nicotine. So the individuals who need to stop smoking should utilize eggplant brinjal.

Eggplant Benefits For Immunity

Eating eggplant brinjal fills our immunity and we survive a number of diseases.Eating eggplant brinjal fills our insusceptibility. Also, we endure various infections.

Eggplant Benefits For Reduce Excessive Sweating

If you have a lot of sweat, then applying eggplant brinjal juice will reduce sweating.On the off chance that you have a ton of sweat, at that point applying eggplant brinjal juice will diminish perspiring.

Eggplant Benefits For Kidney Stone

If a kidney stone  is at the start stage, eating the eggplant brinjal eliminates it.In the event that a kidney stone is toward the beginning stage, eating the eggplant dispenses with it.

Eggplant BenefitsBrinjal K Fayde
For CancersCancers Kay Liye
For Weight LossWzan Kam Karnay Kay Liye
For HeartDil Kay Liye
For Diabetic PatientsDiabetic Kay Liye
For Brain PowerBrain Kay Liye
For SkinJheeld Kay Liye
For SmokersSmoking Chornay Kay Liye
For ImmunityImmunity Kay Liye
For Reduce Excessive Sweating Paseenay Kay Liye
For Kidney Stone Kidney Ki Phathri Kay Liye

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Eggplant /Brinjal K Fayde | Baingan K Fayde

Baingan may bohat see esee cheasain hain jo kay hmari sehat kay liye bohat fayde mand hain.Baingan may fiber phytonutrients calories potassium vitamin B pawya jata hai.

Cancers Kay Liye

Baingan may moujoud fiber or fitonutrientes  hmain kai tarha kay cancers say bchata hai.Jesay colon cancer breast cancer wgera.

Wzan Kam Kay Liye

100 gram baingan may 25 gram calories hoti hain.Ic kay sath ic may fiber or water content  bohat hota hai.Ic liye jo log weight loss karna chahtay hain un kayliye baingan ek acha option hai.

Dil Kay Liye

Baingan may potassium vitamin B 6  hotay hain.Ic liye yeh hmaray dil ki sehat kay liye bhee kafee fayde mand hai.Yeh blood pressure ko regulate karta hai.Or cholesterol ko kam karta hai.

Diabetic Kay Liye

Baingan may carbohydrates bhat kam hotay hain or fiber kafee zeeada hota hai.Ic liye diabetic logon kay liye bhee yeh kafee acha mana jata hai.

Brain Ki Power Kay Liye

Baingan may moujoud carbohydrates demag ki power ko barhatay hain.Or hmara strees kaam hota hai.

Jheeld  Kay Liye

Jesay jesay hmari age bharti hai wesay wesay hmari skin kharab hoti hai.Agar hum baingan ka istmal kartay hain to ic say skin achi rehti hai.

Smoking Chornay Kay Liye

Baingan may kam mikdar may nicotine hota hai.Ic liye jo log smoking chorna chahtay hain un ko baingan ka istmal karna chahye.

Immunity Kay Liye

Baingan khanay say hmari immunity bar jati hai.Or hum kafee beemariyoun say bach jatay hain.

Paseenay Kay Liye    

Agar ap ko paseena zeeada ata hai.To baingan ka ras whan lganay say paseena ana kam ho jaye ga.

Kidney Ki Phathri Kay Liye   

Agar kidney ki phathri starting satge per ho to baingan khanay say wo khatam ho jati hai.

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