9 Bitter Melon Benefits For Skin 2020 | Bitter Melon K Fayde

Not many people like to eat bitter melon because of its taste but it has many more benefits. The bitter melon contains Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C Calcium Potassium Iron and Phosphorus. It acts as an antioxidant for our body and protects us from many diseases.Bitter Melon Benefits

For Liver

Liver is a part of our body that if we work properly, our whole body is fine. Bitter melon is great for our liver. To solve the problem of liver, drink a glass of bitter melon. Your liver problem will be solved.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Diabetes

Some of the bitter melon contains compounds that regulate our blood sugar level. This is why it is so important for patients with diabetes.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Immunity

The bitter melon also relieves cough and asthma and it increases our over all immunity so much that we don’t even touch an infection.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Kidney

The bitter melon also keeps the kidney well and it’s also good at eradicating kidney stones.The unpleasant melon likewise keeps the kidney well. Furthermore, it’s additionally acceptable at annihilating kidney stones.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Heart

It controls blood pressure, raises  good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. Which makes our heart function better and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Weight

Bitter melon also works to reduce weight . Bitter melon raises the metabolism rate, which burns our body fat faster.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Cancer

Prevents bitter melon cancer cells from being multiple and protects us from many types of cancers.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Skin

Drinking bitter melon juice is good for the skin. Applying it on the face is also very beneficial.Drinking unpleasant melon juice is useful for the skin.

Bitter Melon Benefits For Hairs

The bitter melon is also great for hair if your hair is falling or turning white. So applying bitter melon juice 2 times in 1 week will make the hair look good.

Bitter Melon BenefitsBitter Melon K Fayde
For LiverLiver Kayliye
For DiabetesDiabetes Kayliye
For Immunity Immunity Kayliye
For KidneyKidney Kaylie
For HeartDil Kayliye
For WeightWzan Kaam Karnay Kayliye
For CancerCancers Kayliye
For SkinJheeld Kayliye
For HairsBaloun Kayliye

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Bitter Melon K Fayde | Karelay K Fayde

Kafee log karelay k karway taste ki wja say khana pasand nai kartay.Laykin ic k kafee zeeada fayde hain.Karelay may vitamin A vitamin B vitamin C Calcium Potassium Iron or Phosphorus hotay hain.Yeh hmaray jisam kay liye anti oxidant ka kaam karta hai or hmain kafee bemariyoun say bchata hai.

Liver Kayliye

Liver hmaray jisam ka ek  esaw hisaw hai.Jo agar theak say kaam karay to hmara poora jisam theak rehta hai.Karela hmaray liver kay liye bohat acha hota hai.Liver ki problem ko solve karnay kay liye karelay ka 1 glass juice ka peejiye.Ap k liver ki problem solve ho jaye gi.

Diabetes Kayliye

Karelay may kuch esay compounds hotay hain jo hmaray blood sugar level ko reduce kar daytay hain.Ic liye diabetes  k patients kay liye yeh bohat zaruri hai.

Immunity Kayliye

Karela khansi zukam or asthma ko  bhee dhour karta hai.Or yeh hmari over all immunity ko itna bharha dayta hai kay jaldi say hmain koi infection chuu bhe nai pawta.

Kidney Kaylie

Karelay kidney ko bhe theak rakhta hai.Or yeh kidney stones ko khatam karnay may bhee acha rehta hai.

Dil Kayliye

Yeh blood pressure ko control karta hai.Good cholesterol ko zeeada karta hai or bad cholesterol ko kaam karta hai.Jis say hmara dil achay say kaam karta hai or heart attack anay ka khatra kam ho jata hai.

Wzan Kaam Karnay Kayliye

Karela weight kaam karmay k kaam bhe ata hai.Karala metabolism rate ko barha dayta hai jis say hmaray jisam ka fat bohat jaldi burn ho jata hai.

Cancers Kayliye

Karela cancers cells ko multiple honay say rukta hai.Or kai tarha k cancers say hmara bchao bhee karta hai.

Jheeld Kayliye

Karelay ka juice peenay say skin kafee achi rehti hai.Ic ko face per lganay say bhee kafee faida hota hai.

Baloun Kayliye

Karela baloun kay liye bhee bohat acha hota hai agr ap k ball gir rhay hain ya sfaid ho rhay hain.To karelay ka juice 1 week may 2 bar sir per lganay say bal achay ho jain gay.

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