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Apricot Juice Benefits

We should use all kinds of fruits in our diet. By consuming fruits in our diet we avoid various diseases. We must include fruits in our diet for minerals and vitamins.Apricot Juice Benefits Apricot juice is rich in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, beta, carotene, iron and copper.

Apricot Juice Benefits

The benefits of apricot juice are given below.

Recipe Of Apricot Juice

First take 1 KG of apricots and extract the seeds. Then you put 4 glasses of water in it and cook it for 5 to 10 minutes then let it cool. Then add sugar and blend it. This way our juice will be ready.

Note : Do not use extra water in it

For Constipation

Apricot juice contains fiber which helps us to fight against stomach ailments. This juice is recommended for constipation patients as it contains laxatives.

How To Get Apricot Juice Benefits For Heart?

Vitamin C and Potassium are found in apricot juice which is very good for our heart. So if you want to make your heart powerfull, then use apricot juice.

For Ear Pain

Apricot oil is great for ear pain. If you have ear pain. Then put a few drops of apricot oil in your ear. This will cure your earache.Apricot oil is incredible for ear torment. On the off chance that you have ear torment. At that point put a couple of drops of apricot oil in your ear. This will fix your ear infection.

Apricot Juice Benefits For Oily Skin

Apricot juice makes the skin lubricated and shiny. The antioxidants in apricot juice make our skin glow and our skin stays young.Apricot juice makes the skin greased up and glossy. The cell reinforcements in apricot juice make our skin sparkle and our skin remains youthful.

Apricot Juice Benefits For Oily Skin

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Apricot Juice Benefits For Eyes

Apricots are rich in antioxidants and beta carotene which is why it fixes the sight of our eyes and our eyesight heals.Apricots are wealthy in cell reinforcements and beta carotene which is the reason it fixes seeing our eyes and our visual perception mends.

For Anemia

This juice also contains iron and copper which is why it helps patients with anemia to get rid of anemia.This juice additionally contains iron and copper which is the reason it causes patients with weakness to dispose of sickliness.

For Stomach Worms

Apricot juice is considered useful for removing stomach worms. People who feel less hungry should eat apricots or drink apricot juice. This will get rid of your stomach worms.

Apricot Juice Benefits For Stomach Worms

Apricot Juice Benefits For Obesity

Nowadays people are either too thin or too fat. People who suffer from obesity should use apricot juice because obesity is a symptom of many diseases.

Apricot Juice Benefits For Obesity

How To Get Apricot Juice Benefits For Iron?

Apricot juice cures iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is found in people who get tired quickly. So if you want to make up for your iron deficiency, then use apricot juice.

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Apricot Juice BenefitsApricot / Khubani Juice Ke Fayde
Apricot Juice BenefitsKhubani / Apricot Juice Kay Fayde
Recipe Of Apricot JuiceKhubani Kay Juice Bnanay Ka Treeka
For ConstipationKabz Kay Liye
For HeartDil Kay liye
For Ear PainKan Dard kay Liye
For Oily SkinChikni Jheeld Kay Liye
For EyesAnkhoun Kay Liye
For AnemiaAnemia Kay Liye
For Stomach WormsPayt Kay Keroun Kay Liye
For ObesityMutapay Kay Liye
For IronIron Kay Liye

Apricot / Khubani Ka Taroof

Humein her kesee kisam ka phal apni khurak may istmal karna chahye.Apni khurak may phal ko istmal karnay say hum muktalif bemariyoun say bach jatay hein.Minerals or vitamins kay liye hmein apni khurak may hmein phaloun ka istmal lazme karna chahye.Khubani ke juice may fiber vitamin C potassium antioxidants beta carotene iron or copper kafee mikdar may pawya jata hai.

Khubani / Apricot Juice Kay Fayde

Apricot / Khubani kay juice kay fayde neechay diye gay hein.

Khubani Kay Juice Bnanay Ka Treeka

Sub say pehlay 1KG khubani / apricot lein or ic may say beej nekal lein.Ic kay bad ap ic may pani 4 Glass dal kar ic ko pkaein 5 say 10 Min kay liye.Ic kay bad ic ko thanda honay kay liye rakh dein.Ic kay bad ic ic may chini dal kar ic ko blend kar lein.Ic tarha hmara juice tiyar ho jaye ga.

Note :  ic may ezafe pani ka istmal nai karta

Kabz Kay Liye

Khubani /apricot kay juice may fiber pawya jata hai.Jo hmein payt ki beemariyoun say larnay may madad dayta hai.Ic kay  juice may laxative honey ki wja say kabz kay marizoun ko khubai kay juice ki slah de jai hai.

Dil Kay liye

Vitamin C Or Potassium Khubani / apricot kay juice may pawye jatay hein.Jo kay hmaray dil kay liye bohat achay sabit hotay hein.To agar ap apnay dil ko powerfull bnana chahtay hein.To khubani kay juice ka istmal kia krein.

Kan Dard kay Liye

Khubani ka oil kan ki dard kay liye bohat acha sabit hota hai.Agar ap kay kan may dard ho rai hai.To chand katray khubani /apricot k oil kay apnay kan may dalein.Ic say ap kay kan ka dard theak ho jaye ga.

Chikni Jheeld Kay Liye

Khubani ka juice jheeld ko chikna or chamakdar bnati hai.Khubani /apricot kay juice may pawye janay walay antioxidants ki wja say hmari jheeld chamakdar banti hai.Or hmari jheeld jwan rehti hai.

Ankhoun Kay Liye

Khubani /apricot may anti oxidant or beta carotene kafee mikdar may pawi jati hai.Jis ki wja say yeh hamri ankhoun ki nazar ko theak karti hai.Or hmari eyesight theak hoti hai.

Anemia Kay Liye

Khubani / apricot kay juice may iron or copper bhe pawya jata hai jis ki wja say yeh anemia kay marizoun ko anemia say chutkara pawnay kay liye madad gar sabit  hota hai.

Payt Kay Keroun Kay Liye

Payt kay keeroun ko dhour karnay kay liye khubani /apricot ka juice moufeed mana jata hai.Jin logon ko bhouk kaam lagti hai wo khubani ko khain ya khubani ka juice peeyein.Ic say ap kay payt k keeray khatam ho jain gay.

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Mutapay Kay Liye

Aj kal log ya bohat zeeada patlay hein.Ya bohat zeeada moutay.Jo log mutapay kay shikar hein.Wo khubani / apricot kay juice ka istmal krein.Kyun kay mutapa bohat see beemariyoun ki alamat hoti hai.

Iron Kay Liye

Apricot / Khubani ka juice iron ki kmi ko dhour karta hai.Iron ki kmi un logon may pawi jati hai jo jaldi thak Jatay hein.To agar ap apni iron ki kmi ko poora karna chahtey hein.To khubani kay juice ka istmal krein.

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