Bauhinia Variegata Benefits

Bauhinia Variegata Benefits 2020 | Kachnar Ke Fayde

Bauhinia variegata is very important herb in ayurvedic. It comes in spring season. A very simple way to identify a bauhinia variegata is that its leaf is made up of two leaves and the shape of the leaf is round. There are three types of bauhinia variegata. One bauhinia variegata has pink flowers, one has yellow and one has white flowers. The white bauhinia variegata has slightly smaller leaves and flower also. It is usually grown in native to Asia like Pakistan and India. They are traded in the market not only in the villagers but even the people in the citizen towns. By using bauhinia variegatab is used as a tea. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. It is also used for health benefits.

Benefits Of Bauhinia Variegata

There are some health benefits which is shown at the below.  

How To Get Bauhinia Variegata For Constipation?

This is used to remove constipation problem. Apart from the flowers and buds of bauhinia variegata, bark and root are also very important. The bark of bauhinia variegata stem causes constipation but is invigorating.  It also eliminates stomach worms. It is given as medicine to patients with leprosy and gastric ulcer.

Bauhinia Variegata For Constipation

Bauhinia Variegata For Skin

This is beneficial for skin. It removes all skin problems, like infections or bacteria it makes the whole body look like gold. It can disinfect the bacteria and make the skin clean, glowing and healthy. 

How To Get Bauhinia Variegata For Promote Oral Health?

This  is anti-bacterial. If you have cavities in your mouth and there is an infection or bad breath, then it will cure them all. Take 5 grams of its bark in bauhinia variegata and boil it in 2 glasses of water. When 1/4 glass is left, coli with it four or five times a day. This remedy refreshes the breath, safeguard from the germs, bacteria along with other pathogens with in mouth.

Bauhinia Variegata For Oral Health

Bauhinia Variegata For Throat

This is very effective for throat. If there is a throat line in the throat area and it is enlarged, then it is called goiter. The same remedy of bauhinia variegata is very useful for this and it is also used to reduce tonsils.

Bauhinia Variegata For Throat

Bauhinia Variegata For Urinary System

This is used for urinary system. The seeds come out of bauhinia variegata beans and take 1 gram of this seeds it can improve the urinary system.

Bauhinia Variegata BenefitsKachnar Ke Fayde
Benefits Of Bauhinia VariegataKachnar Kay Fawaid
For Constipation Qabaz Kayliye
For SkinJeld Kayliye
For Promote Oral HealthZubani Sahet Kayliye
For ThroatHalaq Kayliye
For Urinary SystemPeshab K Nazam Kayliye

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Kachnar Ka Taroof

Kachnar boht aham jari boti h ayurvafic me. Yeh mosam bahar me atha h. Ic ko pahchanny ka asan tareqa yeh h k yeh do pation k sath mil k ak pati banti hai.Or yeh gool shakel ki hoti h.  Kachnar ki teen iqsam hn. Ak kachnar ka phol golabi hota h , ak ka pela hota h.Or ak ka phool saseed hota h. Safeed kachnar k pathy choty hoty hn or phool b. Yeh amm toor per native asia jasy k pakistan or hindostan me ogaya jata h. Is ko sirf market me hi nahi balky villgers me or log isy shaheron me b trede kerty hn. Kachnar k paton ko chay k tor per b istmal kia jata h. Kachnar me vitamin A, vitamin B or vitamin C paya jata h. Yeh sahet k fawaid k lia b istmal hota h.

Kachnar Kay Fawaid

Kuch sahet sy mutalik fawaid hn jo nechy diay gy hn.    

Qabaz Kayliye

Kachnar qabaz ki preshani ko dor kerny k liay istmal kia jata h. Kachnar k pholon or kalion k ellawa chal or jer b boht aham hn. Ic k tany ki chal qabaz ka sabeb banti h lakin sahet bakhsh hoti h. Is sy pait k kery b khatm hoty hn. Yeh leprosy or gastric ulcer k mareezon ko batoor dawa di jati h. 

Jeld Kayliye

Kachnar skin k liay faida mand h. Yeh hmari jeld ki bohat see preshanio ko dor kerta hai. Jasy infaction or bacteria. Yeh body ko sony ki terha bana deta h.  Yeh bacteria ko khatam ker k jeld ko saf, chamakta or sahet mand bana deta hai.

Zubani Sahet Kayliye

Kavhnar anti bacterial h. Ager ap k moo me  cavities hn.Or  ap ko koi infaction h ya sans ki boo h to kachnar in sab ka ellaj kary gi. Ic ki chal ka 5 gram lain or 2 glass pani me obal lain jb 1/4 glass baki reh jay to is k sath din me 4 ya 5 bar koli karain. Kachnar sanson ko terotaza ker deta h geraseem sy mahfooz rakhti h.Or bacteria k sath moo me zubani pathogens sy mahfooz rakhti h.

Halaq Kayliye

Kachnar halaq k liay boht moser h. Ager halaq k hist me koi throat line ho.Or yeh ber gai ho to isy goiter kaha jata h. Ic kay liay kachnar ki same remedy boht mofeed h. Or yeh tonsils ko kam kerny k liay b boht mofeed h.

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Peshab K Nazam Kayliye

Kachnar peshab k nazam ko thek kerny k liay b istmal hota h. Ic k phalion me sy beej nikalta h is bej ka 1 gram lain , is sy urinary system bahter ho sakta h.

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