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Benefits Of Asparagus Juice

Asparagus is an herb that gives the body a lot of power. It is used in many medicines.Benefits Of Asparagus Juice Asparagus contains Protein Vitamin B Vitamin C Fiber Potassium and many Anti Oxidants.Asparagus leaves are thin. Asparagus contains Vitamins which are considered to be very useful for our health.

Asparagus Juice Benefits

There are various advantages of asparagus juice which are given below.

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Women

Asparagus paired with women’s reproductive system solves all problems. Such as periods not coming on time, heavy bleeding, and pain in periods etc. For all of them, the use of asparagus proves to be quite beneficial. It also balances the hormones.

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Women

For Breastfeeding Women

If women who are breastfeeding use it, then it fills the quality of milk and with that the quantity also increases.

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Men

Asparagus juice also enhances men’s s.x power. Take half teaspoon of asparagus juice with milk increases both the quality and quantity of sperm and masculine strength increases.

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Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Weight

Asparagus juice removes water retention in our body. Its antioxidants fix the body’s toxins. It also helps us to weight lose by increasing our metabolism rate.

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Weight

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Fever And Cough

Drinking asparagus juice is very beneficial in case of cold and cough. It is also very beneficial in dry cough and asthma. There are also antiparasitc in asparagus. In case of fever, mix asparagus in jaggery. This will make your fever go down very quickly.

For Digestive System

Asparagus strengthens our digestive system. Its use gets rid of problems like constipation, acidity gas and indigestion.

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Cancer

Asparagus juice also has anti carcinogenic properties. The histone proteins found in it which are considered great for cancer patients. It reduces the number of cancer cells in the body.It also prevents the formation of new cancer cells.

For Urinary System

The use of asparagus relieves burning sensation in the urine, frequent urination, and urinary incontinence. It strengthens our urinary system, which helps fight infections.

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Headache

Make fresh asparagus juice and put sesame oil in it and then cook it. If you have a headache, apply it on the head. This will cure your headache quickly.

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Headache

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Brain

Asparagus juice also has antidepressant qualities.Asparagus relieves depression. It relaxes the brain. It keeps the brain cool and its use also increases brain power and concentration.

Benefits Of Asparagus Juice For Skin

Asparagus is also beneficial for our skin. Its use removes blemishes, acne and pimples. Asparagus also has anti agent properties. Eating it or drinking its juice increases your age.

For Heart

Asparagus contains plenty of potassium. For this reason it is also considered well enough for our heart. Using it keeps blood pressure under control and lowers cholesterol.

Benefits Of Asparagus JuiceShatavari Ke Fayde
Asparagus Juice BenefitsShatavari / Asparagus Ke Fayde
For WomenAurtoun Kay Liye
For Breastfeeding WomenDhoud Planay Wali Aurtoun Kay Liye
For MenMardoun Kay Liye
For WeightWzan Kay Liye
For Fever And CoughZukam Or Bookhar Kay Liye
For Digestive SystemDigestive System Kay Liye
For CancerCancers Kay Liye
For Urinary SystemUrinary System Kay Liye
For HeadacheSir Dard Kay Liye
For BrainDemag Kay Liye
For SkinJheeld Kay Liye
For HeartDil Kay Liye

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Asparagus / Shatavari ek esee jhari bouti hai.Jo jisam ko kafee shakhti dayti hai.Yeh bohat see duwaiyoun may istmal ki jati hai.Shatavari may protein vitamin B vitamin c fiber potassium or bohat saray anti oxidants pawye jatay hein.Shatavari kay pawtay bareek hotay hein.Asparagus / Shatavari may esee cheasain pawi jati hein.Jo hmari health kay liye bohat zaruri mani jatin hein.

Asparagus/Shatavari Ke Fayde

Asparagus / Shatavari kay muktaleef fayde hein jo kay neechay diye gay hein.

Aurtoun Kay Liye

Asparagus paired with women’s reproductive system solves all problems. Such as periods not coming on time, heavy bleeding, and pain in periods etc. For all of them, the use of asparagus proves to be quite beneficial. It also balances the hormones.

Dhoud Planay Wali Aurtoun Kay Liye

Bachoun ko dhud peelanay wali aurtain agar ic ka istmal krein.To ic say doud ki quality bharti hai.Or ic kay sath quantity may bhe ezafa hota hai.

Mardoun Kay Liye

Shatavari mardoun ki s.x power ko bhe barhati hai.Ada chamach Shatavari ka juice doud kay sath laynay say sperm ki quality or quantity dono may ezafa hota hai.Or mardana takat bharti hai.

Wzan Kay Liye

Shatavari ka juice hmaray jisam may water retention ko dhour karti hai.Ic kay anti oxidants jisam kay toxins ko theak kartay hein.Yeh hmaray metabolism rate ko barha kar wzan kaam karnay may bhee madad dayta hai

Zukam Or Bookhar Kay Liye

Sard zukam or khansee honay per shatavari ka ras peenay say bohat he fayda hota hai.Sukhi khansee or asthma may yeh bhat fayde mand hota hai.Shatavari may antiparasitc bhe hoti hein.Bookhar honay per shatavari ko gur may meela kar lein.Ic say ap ka bookhar bohat jaldi utar jaye ga.

Digestive System Kay Liye

Shatavari hmaray digestive system ko takatwar bnati hai.Ikay istmal say kabz acidity gas badhazme jesee problems say chutkara meelta hai.

Cancers Kay Liye

Shatavari may anti carcinogenic properties bhe hoti hain.Ic may pawya janay wala histone proteins cancer kay mareezoun kay liye bohat acha mana jata hai.Yeh jisam may mojoud cancer cells ko kaam karti hai.Or new cancer cells kay bannay ko bhe rokti hai.

Urinary System Kay Liye

Shatavari kay istmal say peeshab may jhalan.Pashab ka bar bar ana phashab ka ruk ruk kar ana in sab he masloun say rahat meelti hai.Yeh hmaray urinary system ko strong bnata hai.Jo infections say larnay may madad gar sabit hotay hein.

Sir Dard Kay Liye

Shatavari ki taza jar ka juice bna lein.Or ic may til ka oil dal dein or phir ic ko pka lein.Ic ko sir may agar ap ko dard ho.To ic ko lga lein.Ic say ap kay sir ka dard jaldi theak ho jaye ga.

Demag Kay Liye

Shatavari may antidepressant qualities bhe hoti hein.Yeh depression ko dhur karta hai.Demag ko aram dayti hai.Demag ko thanda rakhti hai.Or ic kay istmal say brain power or concentration bhe barhta hai.

Jheeld Kay Liye

Shatavari hmari jheeld kay liye bhe beneficial hai.Ic kay istmal say dag dabhay dhur hotay hein.acne or pimples ki problem dhour hoti hai.Shatavari may anti agent properties bhe hoti hain.Ic ko khanay ya juice peenay say umer barhti hai.Ap lambay arsay tak jwan rehtay hein.

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Dil Kay Liye

Shatavari may potassium kafee mikdar may hota hai.Ic wja say yeh hmaray dil kay liye bhe kafee acha mana jata hai.Ic ka istmal karnay say blood pressure control may rehta hai.Or cholesterol  kaam hota hai.

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