Benefits Of Green Capsicum 2020 | Capsicum K Fayde

The capsicum contains vitamins fiber potassium or carotenoids. The capsicum is very beneficial to our health.Benefits Of Green Capsicum

For Weight Loss

Capsicum can be eaten to cause weight loss. Eating chili peppers increases our body’s metabolism rate. It helps us to lose weight.Capsicum can be eaten to cause weight reduction. Eating stew peppers builds our body’s digestion rate. It encourages us to get more fit.

Benefits Of Green Capsicum For Eyes

Because capsicum contains beta-carotene and vitamin C, it is very beneficial for our eye health. By eating it fills the power of our eyes.Since capsicum contains beta-carotene and nutrient C, it is extremely useful for our eye well being. By eating it fills the intensity of our eyes.

Benefits Of Green Capsicum For The Stomach

Eating capsicum removes our stomach diseases. Diseases such as Abdominal Pain, Gas, Cabs, Acidity are relieved.Eating capsicum evacuates our stomach maladies.

Benefits Of Green Capsicum For Cancer

Capsicum is also useful for cancer prevention. It does not cause cancer cells to grow. Research has shown that eating capsicum daily does not cause cancer.

Benefits Of Green Capsicum For Heart

The potassium in capsicum regulates our blood pressure and the fiber contained in it lowers cholesterol. Therefore capsicum is beneficial to our heart.

Benefits Of Green Capsicum For Asthma Patients

Capsicum is also good for asthma patients.Capsicum is likewise useful for asthma patients.

Benefits Of Green Capsicum For Hairs

Nowadays it is common for hair to be weak and white. In such a capsicum is very important to us. The capsicum increases blood flow to our scalp, making our hair stronger.

Benefits Of Green Capsicum For Skin

The capsicum also has anti-agent properties. It also enhances the elasticity of our skin.

Benefits Of Green Capsicum For White Cells

The capsicum helps fight white blood cells infection and strengthens our immune system.

Benefits Of Green CapsicumCapsicum K Fayde
For weight LossWzan Kaam Karnay Kayliye
For EyesAnkhoun Kayliye
For The StomachPayt Kayliye
For CancersCancers Kayliye
For HeartDil Kayliye
For Asthma Patients Asthma Kayliye
For HairsBaloun Kayliye
For SkinJheeld Kayliye
For White CellsWhite Cells Kayliye

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Capsicum K Fayde | Shimla Mirch K Fayde

Shimla mirch ko ap sabizi kay toar per kha saktay hain,salad k toar per be ic ko khaya jata hai. Shimla mirch may vitamins fiber  potassium  or carotenoids  hotay hain.Shima mirch hmari sehat kay liye bohat he faide mand hai.

Wzan Kaam Karnay Kayliye

Shimla mirch ko weight kaam karnay kay liye khaya ja sakta hai.Shimla mirch khanay say hmaray jisam ka metabolism rate bhar jata hai.Ic wja say hmain weight loss karnay may bohat madad meelti hai.

Ankhoun Kayliye

Shimla mirch may beta carotene or vitamin C honay ki wja say yeh hmari ankhun ki sehat k liye be bohat fayde mand hai.Ic ko khanay say hmari ankhun ki shakhti bharti hai.

Payt Kayliye

Shimla mirch khanay say hmari payt ki bemariyan bee dhour hoti hain.Jesay k payt dard,gas,kabz,acidity jesee bemariyan dhour hoti hain.

Cancer Kayliye

Shimla mirch cancers say bchao kay liye be fayde mand hai.Yeh cancer cells ko peda honay he nai dayta.Reasearch say pta chala hai k rozana kesee na kesee tarha shimla mirch khanay say cancer nai hota.

Dil Kayliye

Shimla mirch may mojud potassium hmaray blood pressure ko regulate karta hai.Or ic may moujoud fiber cholesterol  ko kam karta hai.Ic liye shimla mirch hmaray dil kay liye be beneficial hai.

Asthma  Kayliye

Shimla mirch asthma  k marezour kay liye be bohat achi sabit hoti hai.

Baloun Kayliye

Aj kal baloun ka kamzour hona or sfaid hona am bat hai.Esay may shimla mirch hmaray liye bohat zaruri hai. Shimla mirch hmaray  scalp  may blood flow ko increase karti hai.Jis ki wja say hmaray ball mazbout hotay hain.

Jheeld Kayliye

Shimla mirch may anti agent properties be hoti hain yeh hmari jheeld ki elasticity ko bharhati hain.Jis say hmari jheeld sai rehti hai.

White Cells Kayliye

Shimla mirch white blood cell ko infection say larnay may madad dayti hai.Or hmaray immune system ko mazbout bnati hai.

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