Benefits Of Maize 2020| Corn Flour Benefits |Corn K Fayde

Maize (Corn) is a treasure of health. Many vitamins mineral fibers and antioxidant are found in maize (Corn) . Which are very beneficial to our body and health.Benefits Of Maize ( Corn)

Benefits Of Maize For Blood Cells

Iron folic acid and vitamin B12 are found in maize (Corn) . These three things are essential for red blood cells in our body. Therefore, daily use of maize (Corn) solves the problem of anemia.

Benefits Of Maize For Blood Cells

Benefits Of Maize For Weight Gain

Maize (Corn) also has a lot of carbohydrates and calories. So people who are worried about losing weight Use those corns. Maize (Corn) you will gain more weight.

Benefits Of Maize For Weight Gain

Benefits Of Maize For Cancer

Research has shown that anti-oxidants found in maize (Corn) kill cancer-causing free radicals. Therefore it is very important to prevent cancer.

Benefits Of Maize For Heart

Maize (Corn) contains plenty of vitamin C so it lowers bad cholesterol from our body. Which reduces the risk of getting a heart attack.

Benefits Of Maize For Digestive System 

It contains a considerable amount of fiber. Therefore, it is also very useful for the Digestive system. It relieves constipation and hemorrhoids.

Benefits Of Maize For Energy

Eating Maize (Corn) corn flour bread produces energy in the body, which keeps our body active.Eating corn flour bread produces vitality in the body, which keeps our body dynamic.

Benefits Of Maize For Kidney Stone

Boiling maize (Corn) hairs in water will remove your kidney stones in a few days.Bubbling corn hairs in water will expel your kidney stones in a couple of days.

Benefits Of Maize For Acne And Pimples

If you are worried about acne or pimples, apply maize (Corn) corn flour in water to the face. Soak it for 10 minutes then rinse the face with cold water in a few days the pimples will disappear.

Benefits Of Maize For T B Disease

Maize (Corn) is also very beneficial for T B patients. Eating maize (Corn) daily is a great remedy for T B.Corn is additionally extremely helpful for T B patients. Eating maize (Corn) every day is an incredible solution for T B.

T B Disease
Benefits Of Maize (Corn) Corn K Fayde
For Blood CellsBlood Calls Kayliye
For Weight GainWzan Barhanay Kayliye
For CancerCancers Kayliye
For HeartDil Kayliye
For Digestive System Digestive System Kayliye
For EnergyEnergy Kayliye
For Kidney StoneGurday Ki Phathri Kayliye
For Acne And PimplesPimples Or Acne Kayliye
For T B DiseaseT B Kayliye

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Corn K Fayde | Chali K Fayde

Chali  sehat ka khazana hai.Ic may bohat saray vitamins minerals fibers or anti oxidants pawye jatay hain jo hmaray jisam or sehat kay liy bohat faide mand hain.

Blood Calls Kayliye

Chali may iron folic acid or vitamin B 12 kafe mikdar maye paye jatay hain.Yeh teeno cheasain hmaray jisam may red blood cells k liye zaruri hoti hain.Ic lie ic ka rozana istmal karnay say anemia ka masla solve ho jata hai.

Wzan Barhanay Kayliye

Chali may carbohydrates or calories bee kafe mikdar may hoti hain.Ic liye jo log apnay wzan kay kam honay say preshan hain wo ic ka istmal karain.Ic say ap ka wzan bhar ho jaye ga.

Cancers Kayliye

Research say pta chala hai k chali may paye janay walay anti oxidants cancer pheelawnay walay free redicals ko kill kartay hain.Ic liye yeh cancer say bchao kay  liye bohat zaruri hai.

Dil Kayliye

Chali may vitamin c kafee mikdar may hotay hain.Ic liye yeh hmaray jisam say bad cholesterol  ko kaam karta hai.Jis say heart attack anay ka khatra kam ho jata hai.

Digestive System  Kayliye

Ic may fiber kafe zeeada mikdar may moujoud hota hai.Ic liye yeh digestive system kay liye be kafee fayde mand hai.Ic say kabz or Hemorrhoids say neejat meelti hai.

Energy kayliye

Chali ki atay ki roti khanay say jisam may energy paida hoti hai.Jis say hmari body active rehti hai.

Gurday Ki Phathri Kayliye

Chali k baloun ko pani may obal kar peenay say kuch din may ap ki gurday ki phathri khatam ho jaye gi.

Pimples Or Acne Kayliye

Agar ap acne ya pimples say preshan hain to chali k atay ko pani may dal ka chehray per lgain.Ic ko 15min lga rehnay dayin phir thanday pani say chehra dhu lein kuch dino may pimples khatam ho jain gay.

T B Kayliye

T B kay mareezoun kay liye be chali kafee faide  mand hai.Rozana chali khanay say T B ka kafee had tak elaj hota hai.

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