Benefits Of Okra For Bones 2020|Okra seeds | Okra K Fayde

Okra contains potassium phosphorus protein iodine and vitamin A. It is a good vegetable for our health.Benefits Of Okra

Benefits Of Okra For Weight Loss

Okra is a good vegetable to lose weight. Eating raw okra eliminates excess fat from the body and if you suffer from obesity, eat okra and remove obesity.

Benefits Of Okra For Heart

The fiber in okra lowers our cholesterol. The vitamin K contained in it protects us from a heart attack. Along with this it controls our blood pressure.

Benefits Of Okra For Blood Sugar Level

Okra controls our blood sugar level. If okra is used at the beginning of diabetes, no medicines are needed.In the event that okra is utilized toward the start of diabetes, no prescriptions are required.

Benefits Of Okra For Bones

Okra contains vitamin K which is very beneficial for our bones. Eating it keeps our bones strong.Okra contains nutrient K which is exceptionally advantageous for our bones. Eating it keeps our bones solid.

Benefits Of Okra For Constipation

If you are worried about cabs, eat 6 to 7 raw okras. You will get rid of constipation.

Benefits Of Okra Seeds For Children’s

Okra seeds contain high amounts of protein, and they are healthy by feeding the okra seeds to children.Okra seeds contain high measures of protein, and they are sound by taking care of the okra seeds to kids.

Benefits Of Okra For Skin

Benefits Of Okra For Skin Okra is also good for removing face scars. Put some okras in water and grind. Apply the paste 2 to 3 times a week . The scars on your face will go away.

Benefits Of Okra For Hairs

If you are worried about hair falling then take 5 to 6 okras and paste it and boil it with half litter of water. Then cool the water. Then wash your hair with water with 1 lime juice. Doing 2 to 3 times in 1 week will stop your hair from falling.

Benefits Of OkraOkra K Fayde
For Weight LossWzan Kayliye
For HeartDil Kayliye
For Blood Sugar LevelBlood Sugar Level Kayliye
For BonesHadiyoun Kayliye
For ConstipationKabz Kayliye
For Children’sBachoun Kayliye
For SkinChehray Kayliye
For HairsBaloun Kayliye

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Okra K Fayde | Bhindi K Fayde

Bhindi may potassium phosphorus protein iodine or vitamin a hotay hain.Yeh hmari achi sehat kayliye bohat he achi sabzi hai.

Wzan Kayliye

Bhindi wzan kam karnay kay liye achi sabzi hai.Kachi bhindi ko rozana khanay say jisam ka extra fat khatam hota hai.Or wzan kam hota hai.To agar ap mutapay ka shikar hain to bhindi khaiye or mutapay ko dhour krain.

Dil Kayliye

Bhindi may majoud fiber hmaray cholesterol ko kaam karta hai.Ic may moujoud vitamin K heart attack say hmara bchao karta hai.Ic kay sath sath yeh hmara blood pressure be control may karta hai.

Blood Sugar Level Kayliye

Bhindi hmaray blood sugar level ko be control karti hai. Diabetes ki bemari k shuru may he agar bhindi ka istmal kar dia jaye to duwaiyoun ki zarurat he nai parti.

Hadiyoun Kayliye

Bhindi may vitamin K hota hai jo hmari hadiyoun kay liye bohat he fayde mand hota hai.Ic ko khanay say hmari hadiyan mazbout rehti hain.

Kabz Kayliye

Agar ap kabz say preshan hain to 6 say 7 kachi bhindiyan kha lein.Ap ko kabz say nijat meel jaye gi.

Bachoun Kayliye

Bhindi k beejoun may protein kafee zeeada mikdar may hota hai.Bhindi k beej bachoun ko khilanay say wo sehat mand hotay hain.

Chehray Kayliye

Chehray kay dag dabay meetanay kay liye bhe bhindi kafee achi rehti hai.Kuch bhindiyan pani may dal kar peese layin or paste ko 1 week may 2 say 3 bar chehray per lgain.Ap k chehray kay dag dabay dhour ho jain gay.

Baloun Kayliye

Agar ap girtay baloun ki wja say preshan hain.5 say 6 bhindiyan lein or us ka paste bna lein or adha litter pani lay kar boil kar lein.Ic kay bad pani thanda kar lein. Ic kay bad 1 lemon ka juice meela kar pani say apnay ball dhu lein.1 week may 2 say 3 bad karnay say ap k bal girna band ho jain gay

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