Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit 2020 | Falsa Ke Fayde

Grewia asiatica is also called phalsa fruit. Phalsa fruit is very little and sweet, sour, bitter and acidic taste. This plant is mostly grown in native to south Asia from Pakistan, India east to Cambodia and other tropical countries. This fruit color are firstly pale green to yellow then moving to purple red to dark purple and then ripe. In phalsa fruit have a lot of nutrients, vitamin A, vitamin C,  vitamin B2 20.31 percent, carbohydrates 16.23 percent, fiber 14.55 percent, calcium 13.60 percent,  iron 13.50 percent, Magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, protein and antioxidants. This fruit gives great health benefits by using phalsa fruit.           

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit

There are several health benefits of phalsa fruit.        

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit For Liver Cleansing     

phalsa fruit is excellent for liver cleansing. They exit the heat from the liver because it is full of with vitamin C which helps to clean the liver.   

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit For Digestion System

Phalsa fruit is good remedy help to improve digestion system and great for stomach as well. It strengthens the gastrointestinal tract because it contains fiber, vitamins and minerals so it regulates your digestive system. By using phalsa fruit it eliminates constipation even if constipation is 20 years old, consuming it 21 days continuously they will eliminate constipation completely. 

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit For Digestion System

How To Get Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit For Weight Loss?

Phalsa fruit is also used for weight loss. If using this phalsa fruit for 21 days and considered a bit of a diet and a little exercise.You can reduce your weight by 3 to 4 kg.             

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit For Weight Loss

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit For Skin  

Phalsa fruit is act as a remedy for skin.  You will use a lemon with a phalsa fruit to refresh the skin and to clean the skin and also treat skin dryness. Leaf paste of phalsa fruit is used to treat skin infection like eczema and heal wounds.                                       

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit For Brain Weakness

Phalsa fruit is usefull for brain weakness. By drinking phalsa fruit juice it relieves weakness of the brain. Furthermore, in phalsa fruit contain antioxidant which also protect from mantel disease.

Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit For Brain Weakness
Benefits Of Phalsa Fruit Falsa Ke Fayde
Benefits Of Phalsa FruitFalsa Phal K Fawaid
For Liver Cleansing Jegar ki Safai Kayliye
For Digestion SystemAmel Anhazam Kayliye
For Weight LossWazan Me Kami Kayliye
For Skin Jheld Kayliye
For Brain WeaknessDemagh Ki Kamzori Kayliye

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Falsy Ka Taroof

Grewia asiatica ko falasa ka phal b kaha jata h.  Falsa phal boht chota or metha, khata  talkh zaiqa hta h. Yeh phal zayater pakistan sy ly ker janobi asia, india mashrek sy cambodia or deger tropica momalik me ogtha h. Is ka rung sab sy pahly halky sabaz sy peely rung ka hota h phir jamani rung k sorakh sy gahry jamni or phir paka hota h. Ic phal me ghazai ajza, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B2 20.31 fesad, carbohydrates 16.23 fesad, fiber 14.55 fesad, calcium 13.60 fesad, iron 13.50 fesad,  magnesium ,potassium , sodium, phosphorus, protein or antioxidant paey jaty hn. Ic phal ka istamal ker k sahet ko behad faid detha h.

Falsa Phal K Fawaid

Ic phal kay latadad fawaid hoty hn.

Jegar ki Safai Kayliye

Jegar ki safai k liay falsa phal bahtreen h. yeh jeger sy germe ko baher nikalta h kion k yeh vitamin C sy bherpor hoty hn. jo jeger ko saf kerny me maded kerta h.

Amel Anhazam Kayliye

Falsa phal amel anhazam k nazam ko bahter banany me maded kerta h.Or yeh mady k liay b boht acha h. yeh mady ki taqat ko taqwiat data h kion k is e fiber, vitamins or madniat hoty hn. lehaza yeh ap k hazma e nazam ko bahter kerta h. Falsa phal k istamal sy yeh qabaz dor kerta h. Ager 20 sal porani qabaz b h to 21 din is k musalsal istmal sy yeh qabaz ko mukamal tor per khatam ker deta h.

Wazan Me Kami Kayliye

Falsa phal wazan me kami k liay b istmal kia jata h. Ager yeh falsa phal 21 din thak istmal karain.Or thori se deit ka khyal karain.Or thori see warzeesh karain. To ap apna wazan 3 sy 4 kelo thak ka ker sakty hn. 

Jheld Kayliye

Falsa phal jeld k ellaj k thor per ka kerta h. ap jeld ko tero taza kerny , saf kerny ya khishki ko dor kerny k liay lemon  ka estmal falsa phal k sath karain gy. Falsa phal k pation ka paste jeld ki bemarion ka ellaj jasy k eczema or zakhmo ko bherny k liay estmal kia jata h. 

Demagh Ki Kamzori Kayliye

Demagh ki kamzori ko dor kerny k liay falsa phal boht mofeed h. Falsa ka juice peny sy demagh ki kamzori dor hoti h. Mazeed yeh k, falsa phal me antioxidant hota h jo mantel bemari sy bachata h.

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