Benefits Of Raw Garlic Juice

Benefits Of Raw Garlic Juice For Weight Loss , Heart 2020

There are many benefits to eating Garlic. It gives us many benefits when it comes to the body but many people do not know the correct way to eat it.Benefits Of Raw Garlic Juice

Benefits Of Raw Garlic Juice For Heart Attack

Garlic prevents diseases like heart attack and recurring heart attacks. It reduces the risk of heart attack by 50 to 60%. According to one study, out of 450 people who had had a heart attack, 220 were given garlic juice. After 3 months of re-testing, those who were given garlic juice had reduced their chances of having a heart attack by 50%.

How To Stop Heart Attack from Garlic?

Garlic does not accumulate cholesterol in the blood due to the allason found in garlic. Garlic HDL good raises cholesterol and helps reduce bad cholesterol.

Benefits Of Raw Garlic Juice For Weight Loss

If you eat garlic daily, you will soon get rid of obesity/weight but it is important to eat garlic properly.

Benefits Of Raw Garlic Juice First, cut the garlic into small pieces or grind it well and keep reading like that for 5 minutes. Garlic contains chemicals. That is why garlic is supposed to read 10 Min after cutting. After 10 minutes you can squeeze the juice and drink it. Those who have irritation can cook it and eat it.

Garlic Amount Of Food

You can eat garlic from 5 to 10 grams daily. You can not eat more than 10 grams so it can fill your body with heat.

Benefits Of Raw Garlic Juice Lasan K Fayde
For Heart AttackLasan Heart Attack Kay Liye
How To Stop Heart Attack from Garlic?Lasan Say Heart Attck Ko Kis Tarha Rokna Hai?
For Weight LossMoutapay Kay Liye
Garlic Amount Of FoodLasan Khanay Ki Mikdar

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Lasan K Fayde

Garlic/Lasan khanay kay bohat say fayde hein.Yeh jisam kay andar janay per hmein bohat fayde dayta hai.Laykin bohat say log ic ko khanay ka sahi tareeka nai jantay.

Heart Attack Kay Liye

Lasan/Garlic heart attack jesee bemari say bchanay or dubara heart attack anay ko say bchata hai.Yeh 50 say 60% heart attack kay khatray ko kaam kar dayta hai.1 study kay mutabik 450 log jin ko pehlay heart attack a chukka tha un may say 225 logon ko lasan ka juice dia gia.3 mah bad dubara test karwaye gay to jin logon ko lasan dia gia tha un ko heart attack anay kay chance 50% kam ho gay thay.

Garlic/Lasan Say Heart Attck Ko Kis Tarha Rokna Hai?

Garlic/Lasan may pawya janay wala allason ki wja say khun may cholesterol jma nai hota.Yeh cholesterol ki mikdar ko kaam karta hai.Lasan hdl good cholesterol ko bharhata hai.Or bad cholesterol ko kam karnay may madad dayta hai.

Benefits Of Raw Garlic/Lasan Juice Moutapay Kay Liye

Lasan ko agar ap roz khain gay to ap ko jald he moutapay say neejat meel jaye gi.Laykin ic kay liye sai tareekay say lasan khana bohat zaruri hai.

Sub say pehlay lasan ko chootay chootay tukroun may kat lein.Ya phir ic ko achi tarha pease lein.Or 10 min take esay he parha rehnay dein.Lasan may chamicals moujoud hotay hein.Ic liye he kha jata hai lasan ko khatnay kay bad ic ko 10 min parha rehnay dayna chahye.10 min bad ap ic ka ras nekal kar pee saktay hein.Jin ko jahal hoti hai wo ic ko paka kar kha saktay hein.

Benefits Of Raw Garlic Juice Lasan Khanay Ki Mikdar

Ap daily 5 say 10 grams tak tehsn kha saktay hein.10 grams say zeeada na khain ic say ap ki jisam may garme bhar sakti hai.

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