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Betel Leaf Benefits

Betel leaf is a leaf which is very popular throughout Asia. Betel leaf is mostly eaten for refreshing mouth. The shape of the betel leaf is green. The betel leaf contains many healthy ingredients. Which is considered to be very good for human health.Betel Leaf Health Benefits Betel leaves contain Protein Iron Vitamin C Niacin Thiamine.

Benefits Of Betel Leaves

There are many benefits of betel leaves which are given below.

Betel Leaf Health Benefits For Respiratory Disease

Betel leaf is considered quite good for respiratory diseases. Using it cures our respiratory disease and we can breathe easily. Taking 1 to 2 grams of celery with betel leaves and drinking with water it helps in breathing. For example, asthma. People who have a disease like asthma. They can use it. Because it is considered good for breathing.

Betel Leaf Benefits For Respiratory Disease

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Betel Leaf Benefits For Urinary System

Betel leaf is also considered to be useful for our urinary system. It keeps the diseases in our kidneys away from us.

Betel Leaf Health Benefits For Fever

If you have a high fever, then betel leaf is very useful for you. In case of fever, taking 1 teaspoon of betel leaf juice 3 times a day reduces fever and you get well soon.

Betel Leaf Benefits For Fever

Betel Leaf Health Benefits For Eyes

If you want to increase the power of your eyes, then put 2 drops of betel leaf juice in your eyes. It will increases the visual acuity of the eyes and your eyes will shine.

Betel Leaf Benefits For Breast Pain

If women have breast pain, then betel leaves are very good for it. If the betel leaves are warmed a little and tied to the breast, then it relieves the pain.

Betel Leaf Benefits For Sexual Power

If men want to increase their sexual power. So they should use betel leaves. If they will eat betel leaves with desi ghee. So it will increase the sexual power of men.

For Headache

Betel leaf is also considered great for headaches. If you want to get rid of your headaches quickly. So make a betel leaf lape.Put it on your head. This will cure your headache very quickly.

Betel Leaf Benefits For Headache

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Betel Leaf BenefitsPaan Patta Ke Fayde
Benefits Of Betel LeavesPaan Kay Pattoun Ke Fayde
For Respiratory DiseaseSans Kay Liye
For Urinary SystemUrinary System Kay Liye
For FeverBookhar Kay Liye
For EyesAnkhoun Kay liye
For Breast PainBreast Kay Liye
For Sexual PowerMrdana Kamzuri Kay Liye
For HeadacheSir Dard Kay Liye


Betel Leaf / Paan ek esaw patta hai.Jo kay asia bhar may bohat he zeeada maqboul hai.Paan ka patta zeeada tar moo ki tazgee kay liye khaya jata hai.Paan kay pattay ki shakal hray rang ki hoti hai.Paan ka patta apnay andar kai tarha kay sehat mand ajza rakhta hai.Jo kay insane sehat kay liye bohat achay manay jatay hein.Paan kay pattay may Protein Iron Vitamin C Niacin Thiamine pawya jata hai.

Paan Kay Pattoun Ke Fayde

Pan ke pattoun kay kafee fayde hein.Jo kay neechay diye gaye hein.

Sans Kay Liye

Paan ka patta sans ki bemariyoun kay liye kafee acha mana jata hai.Ic ka istmal karnay say hmaray sans ki bemari dhour hoti hai.Or hum sans asani say lay saktay hein.Paan kay patta , 1 say 2 gram ajwain laynay or pani peenay say sans laynay may madad meelti hai.Misal kay toar per asthma.Jin logon ko asthma jesee bemari hai.Wo ic ka istmal kar saktay hein.Kyun kay yeh sans laynay kay liye acha mana jata hai.

Urinary System Kay Liye

Paan ka patta hmaray urinary system kay liye bhe moufeed mana jata hai.Yeh hmari kidney may honay wali bemariyoun ko hum say dhour rakhta hai.

Bookhar Kay Liye

Agar ap ko tayz bookhar hai.To paan ka patta ap kay liye bohat moufeed hai.Bookhar honay per paan kay pattoun ka juice 1 chamach din may 3 bar laynay say bookhar may kami a jati hai.Or ap jald he sehat yab ho jatay hein.

Ankhoun Kay liye

Agar ap apnay ankhoun ki shakhti ko barhana chahtay hein.To ap paan kay pattoun ka juice 2 drops apni ankhoun may dalein.Ic say ankhoun ki dekhnay ki shakhti bharhti hai.Or ap ki ankhoun may nikhar ata hai.

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Breast Kay Liye

Khawateen ko agar breast pain hota hai.To ic kay liye bhe paan kay pattay bohat achay rehtay hein.Agar paan kay pattoun ko thora garam kar kay ic ko breast per bahand dia jaye.To ic say dard may rahat meelti hai.

Mrdana Kamzuri Kay Liye

Agar mard hazrat apni mardangi may ezafa karna chahtey hein.To un ko chahyen kay wo paan kay pattay ka istmal kreein.Agar wo paan kay pattay desi ghe kay sath lein.To ic say mardoun ki mardangi may ezafa hota hai.

Sir Dard Kay Liye

Paan ka patta sir kay dard kay liye bhe bohat acha mana jata hai.Agar ap apnay sir ka dard jaldi theak karna chahtay hein.To paan kay pattay ka lape bna lein.Or ic ko apnay sir per lga lein.Ic say ap kay sir ka dard bohat jaldi theak ho jaye ga.

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