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Carissa Carandas Benefits

Carissa carandas is sour. Sour things are very popular among girls. As well as being sour, it is quite delicious. Its tree is prickly. Carissa carandas may contain high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K.It also has enough antioxidants. There are 2 types of Carissa carandas. One is looks like small carissa carandas and the one in which the big carissa carandas seem.Carissa Carandas Benefits Carissa carandas are used by very few people but it is very good for health.

Benefits Of Carissa Carandas

Carissa carandas has various benefits which are given below.

Carissa Carandas Benefits For Anemia

People who suffer from anemia should take cooked carissa carandas and make their juice. then drink its juice. Drinking it will not make you anemic and your blood will increase. Therefore it is considered very good for anemia.

Carissa Carandas Benefits For Anemia

Carissa Carandas Benefits For Urinary Infection

Carissa carandas is great for preventing urinary infection.It contains proanthocyanidins that prevent urinary infections. Reported in February 2016 in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology that carissa carandas is good for urinary infection.

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For Heart

Carissa carandas contain polyphenols, which can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Carissa Carandas Benefits For Cancers

According to research, Carissa carandas is beneficial in reducing the rate of tumor healing.It reduces the risk of prostate cancer liver cancer breast cancer ovarian cancer colon cancer.

For Brain

According to Tufts University carissa carandas contain antioxidants. Which helps us a lot in speeding up the memory of our brain and our memory is sharp.

Carissa Carandas Benefits For Brain

Carissa Carandas Benefits For Weight

Carissa carandas juice is considered great for fats frozen in our body. Because it also contains a lot of fiber which does not make you feel hungry and your stomach stays full long enough.

Carissa Carandas Benefits For Our Skin

Carissa carandas also helps us to heal the skin. Take half a cup of honey, 2 teaspoons of dried carissa carandas and half a teaspoon of carissa carandas oil and mix it. Apply on skin for 10 minutes then wash your skin thoroughly with water. This will make your skin beautiful.

Carissa Carandas Benefits For Our Skin
Carissa Carandas BenefitsKaronda Ke Fayde
Benefits Of Carissa CarandasKaronda Ke Fayde
For AnemiaAnemia Kay Liye
For Urinary InfectionUrinary Infection Kay Liye
For HeartDil kay liye
For CancersCancers Kay Liye
For BrainDemag Kay Liye
For WeightWzan Kay Liye
For Our SkinJheeld Kay Liye

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Carissa Carandas / Karonda Ke Fayde

Carissa carandas  / Karonda khata hota hai. Khati cheasain larkiyoun ko bohat psand hoti hein. Khata honay kay sath sath yeh kafee mzay dar hota hai.Ic ka tree kantay dar hota hai. Ic may vitamin C vitamin E Vitamin K bohat he zeeada mikdar may hota hai.Or ic may anti oxidants bhee kafe hotay hein. Yeh 2 tarha kay hotay hein.Ek wo jis may chootay carissa carandas lagtay hein.Or ek wo jis may bray carissa carandas lagtay hein.Ic ka istmal bohat kam log kartay hein.Laykin yeh sehat kay liye bohat acha hota hai.

Karonda Ke Fawaid

Karonda kay muktalif fayde hein.Jo neechay diye gay hein.

Anemia Kay Liye

Jo log anemia ka shikar hein.Wo pkay huway carissa carandas lein.Or in ka juice bna lein.Phir ic kay juice ko pee lein.Ic ko peenay say ap ko khun ki kmi nahi rhay gi.Or ap kay khun may izafa ho ga.Ic liye ic ko anemia kay liye bohat acha mana jata hai.

Urinary Infection Kay Liye

Carissa carandas / karonda urinary infection ko roknay kay liye bohat he acha hota hai. Carissa carandas may proanthocyanidins hota hai.Jis ki wja say yh urinary infection say bchao karta hai.Feb 2016 may obstetrics & Gynecology kay American journal may btaya gia hai.Kay carissa carandas / karonda urinary infection kay liye acha hota hai.

Dil kay liye

Carissa carandas / Karonda may moujoud polyphenols hota hai.Jis kay honay ki wja say hum dil kay attack kay khatra ko kaam kar saktay hein.

Cancer Kay Liye

Research kay mutabik carissa carandas / karonda tumor kay bharnay ki rafter ko kam karnay may fayde mand hota hai.Or prostate cancer liver cancer breast cancer ovarian cancer colon cancer kay khatray ko kam karta hai.

Demag Kay Liye

Tufts University kay mutabik karonda may antioxidant hota hai.Jo hmaray demag ki memory ko tayz karnay may hmari kafe madad karta hai.Or hmari memory tayz hoti hai.

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Wzan Kay Liye

Karonda ka ras hmaray jisam may jmay huway fats kay liye bohat acha hota hai.Kyun kay ic may fiber bhe kafe mikdar may pawya jata hai.Jis say ap ko bhouk nai lagti.Or ap ka payt kafee dayr tak bhara huwa rehta hai.

Jheeld Kay Liye

Karonda / carissa carandas jheeld ko acha karnay may bhe hmari madad karti hai.Ap ada cup shehad 2 chamach dried carissa carandas or ada chamach carissa carandas oil lein.Or ic ko mix krein.Or 10 MIN kay liye jheeld per lgain.Or phir apni jheeld ko pani say achay say dhu lein.Ic say ap ki jheeld khub surat ho jaye gi.

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