Green Pea Protein Benefits 2020 | Pea K Fayde

Pea arrives as winter season arrives. The green pea foods are delicious to eat. They are also good for our health. Green pea contains protein fiber iron zinc and copper.Green Pea Protein Benefits

For Weight Loss

Green pea is a high protein and low fat food as well as it contains plenty of fiber. So it is beneficial to lose weight.Green pea is a high protein and low fat nourishment just as it contains a lot of fiber. So it is useful to get in shape.

How To Get Green Pea Protein Benefits For Constipation?

If you are worried about constipation, then eating raw green pea will relieve your constipation disease.On the off chance that you are stressed over blockage, at that point eating crude green pea will mitigate your obstruction sickness.

Green Pea Protein Benefits For Energy

Green pea relieves body weakness. Its use fills immunity in the body and the body remains active.Green pea soothes body shortcoming. Its utilization fills resistance in the body. What’s more, the body stays dynamic.

Green Pea Protein Benefits For Bones

Green pea contains plenty of vitamin K  which make bones strong.Green pea contains a lot of nutrient K which make bones solid.

Green Pea Protein Benefits For Heart

Due to the antioxidants in green pea our heart rate and blood pressure remain under control. Cholesterol levels are also good

Green Pea Protein Benefits For Brain     

Green pea increases the power of our brain. Eating green pea increases memory.Green pea expands the intensity of our mind. Eating green pea expands memory.

Green Pea Protein Benefits For Stomach Cancer

Green pea is great for stomach cancer. The phytonutrients contained in it help greatly in fighting cancer. Research has shown that eating pea eliminates 50 to 60% of the risk of stomach cancer.

Green Pea Protein Benefits For Blood Sugar

Fiber and high amounts of protein in pea regulate blood sugar levels.Fiber and high measures of protein in green Pea control glucose levels.

Green Pea Protein Benefits For Pregnant Ladies

Folic acid is found very high in green pea. Therefore pregnant women must use it.Folic corrosive is discovered high in green pea. In this manner pregnant ladies must utilize it.

Green Pea Protein Benefits For Eyes

Green pea contains carotene and vitamin A. It is very useful for our eyes. Therefore, it is good for the eye sight to eat it daily.

For Burnt Place

Grinding green pea in a burnt place removes burnt irritation.

Green Pea Protein Benefits Pea K Fayde
For Weight LossWzan Kam Karnay Kayliye
For ConstipationKabz Kayliye
For EnergyTawkat Kayliye
For BonesHadiyoun Kayliye
For HeartDil Kayliye
For BrainDemag Kayliye
For Stomach Cancer Payt K Cancer Kayliye
For Blood SugarBlood Sugar Kayliye
For Pregnant LadiesPregnant Ladies Kayliye
For EyesAnkhoun Kayliye
For Burnt PlaceJhalan Kayliye

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Pea K Fayde | Matar K Fayde

Sardiyoun ka mausam atay he matar ki bahar cha jati hai.Yeh hray hray mtar khanay may to mzay k hotay he hain.Ic k sath sath yeh hmari sehat kay liye bee bohat achay hotay hain.Matar may protein fiber iron zinc copper or anti oxidants pawye jatay hain.

Wzan Kam Karnay  Kayliye

Matar ek hight protein  or low fat food hai or sath he ic may fiber bhe kafee mikdar may hota hai.Ic liye yeh wzan ko kam karnay kay liye beneficial hai.

Kabz KayLiye

Agar ap kabz say preshan hain.To kachay matar  khain. Ic say ap k kabz ki bemari dhour ho jaye gi.

Tawkat Kayliye

Matar jisam ki kamzuri ko dhour karta hai.Ic k istmal say jisam may immunity  bharti hai.Or jisam active rehta hai.

Hadiyoun Kayliye

Matar may vitamin K  kafee mikdar may pawya jata hai.Jis say hadiyan mazbout rehti hain.

Dil Kayliye

Matar may moujoud anti oxidant ki wja say hmara heart rate or blood pressure control may rehta hai. Cholesterol level bhe brabar rehta hai.

Demag Kayliye

Matar hmaray demag ki power ko increase karta hai.Ic ko khanay say bhoulna band ho jata hai.

Payt K Cancer Kayliye

Payt k cancer kay liye matar bohat he acha hota hai.Ic may moujoud phytonutrients cancer  say larnay may bohat madad daytay hain.Research say pta chala hai matar khanay say 50 say 60% payt k cancer ka khatra khatam ho jata hai.

Blood Sugar Kayliye

Matar may moujoud fiber or high quality protein blood sugar level ko regulate karta hai.

Pregnant Ladies Kayliye

Matar  may folic acid bohat zeeada pawya jata hai.Ic liye pregnant ladies ko ic ka istmal lazme karna chahye.

Ankhoun Kayliye

Matar may carotene or vitamin A  honay ki wja say yeh hmari ankhoun kay liye bhe bohat acha hota hai.Ic liye ic ko rozana khanay say eye sight bhe bharti hai.

Jhalan Kayliye

Matar ko pease kar jhali hoi jga per lganay say jhalan dhour ho jati hai.

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