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Coriander leaves is also called cilantro or dhania. These coriander plant are native to southern Europe and the middle east. Coriander which is used in most foods in the world and contains complete nutrients. It is used in various ways in Western and Eastern foods. It is a great source of Magnesium, Iron, magnesium, and Fiber and dietary on the other hand Coriander leaves are rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Protein. Further more in Coriander low in calcium, potassium and phosphorus. The coriander plant flourishing in fertile soil in extreme heat. Coriander leaves have small white or light pink flowers. It is 9 to 15 inches long while when completely this plant can grow up to 5 to 7 feet long. Green coriander leaves are dark green and extremely soft .These coriander are used for health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Coriander Leaves

There are some health benefits which is shown at the below.

Health Benefits Of Coriander Leaves For Digestion

Coriander leaves are mostly used for digestion. It improves your digestion. Cools the stomach and Removes stomach heat.

How To Get Health Benefits Of Coriander Leaves For Iron?

Coriander is rich in iron. Iron is very important for your body. If you consume 100 grams of coriander leaves, 100 grams of coriander meets 90% of your daily requirement of iron. In addition, coriander leaves is also useful for people who are anemic. Use coriander regularly. Coriander leaves will make up for the lack of blood or iron deficiency.

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Health Benefits Of Coriander Leaves For Liver Cleansing

Coriander leaves cleanses your liver and removes toxic wastes from your body. So if you use more coriander in your food, it acts as a detoxification agent.

Health Benefits Of Coriander Leaves For Immune System

Coriander leaves is very beneficial for immune system. Coriander leaves strengthens your immunity. Immunity is your system that fights against various diseases. If your immune system is good, you will not get sick quickly. Various diseases including cancer and various viral and bacterial infections. So your body can fight all these diseases better.

Health Benefits Of Coriander Leaves For Immune System

How To Get Health Benefits Of Coriander Leaves For Skin?

Coriander leaves is also used for skin. A study has shown that people who consume coriander regularly in their food keep their skin clean. By using coriander leaves it reduces acne, pimples and other problems on your skin caused by bacteria and fungal. Coriander eliminates it. Using coriander juice cleanses your skin perfectly and those people who have dry skin should use coriander as much as possible.

Benefits Of Coriander Leaves For Skin
Health Benefits Of Coriander LeavesDhania Ke Fayde
Health Benefits Of Coriander LeavesDhania Ke Fawaid
For DigestionAmel E Anhazam Kayliye
For IronIron Ki Kmi Kayliye
For Liver CleansingJeger Ki Safai Kayliye
For Immune SystemQowat E Mudafiat Kayliye
For SkinJeld Kayliye

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Dhania Ke Fayde

Coriander ko cilantro ya dhainia b kaha jata h. Yeh dhaniay ka poda  janobi Europe or mashriki wasthi me paya jata h. Dhaniaya jo pori donia me zayada ter khano me istmal hota h or is me mukamal ghazai ajza shamil hn. Maghribi or mshriki khanon me isy mukhtalif tarekon sy istmal kia jata h. Yeh magnesium, iron ,magnies or faiber ka boht bara zerya h dosri taraf dhaniay k pathon me vitamine K, vitamin C or protein sy bherpoor hoty hn. Is me mazeed yeh k yeh calcium, potassium or phosphorus me km hoty hn. Dhania ka poda inthai germe me zerkhaiz meti me phalta phoolta h.

Dhania k pody me choty safeed or halky golabi rung k phool hoty hn. Yeh 9 sy 15 inch lamba hota h jub k yeh mukamal thor per 5 sy 7 fut lamba ho sakta h. Hera dhaina k paty gahry sabaz or naram hoty hn. Dhania sahat k fawaid k liay b istamal hota h. 

Dhania Ke Fawaid

Dhaniay k kuch sahat sy mutaliw fawaid hn jo nechy diay gy.

Amel E Anhazam Kayliye

Dhania k paty zayada ter amel e anhazam k liay istmal hoty hn. Yeh ap k hazmy ko bahter bnata h. Stomach ko thenda kerta or stomach ki germi ko dor kerta h.

Iron Ki Kmi Kayliye

Dhania me iron ki bherpoor meqdar majood hoti h. Iron ap k jisam k liay boht zerori h. Ager ap 100 gram dhenia ka istmal kerty hn to 100 gram dhania ap ki rozana iron zeroret ka 90 feesad pora kerta h. Is k ellawa dhania anamic logon k liay b mofeed h. Dhania ke juice baqaedgi sy istmal karain yeh ap me khon ki kami ya iron ki kami ko pora kary ga.

Jeger Ki Safai Kayliye

Dhania ap k jeger ko saf kerta h or ap k jisam sy zehrela mada saf kerta h. Lehaza ager ap apny khany me dhania ka zayada istmal karain gy to yeh bator detoxification agent istmal hota h.

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Qowat E Mudafiat Kayliye

Dhania qwet e mudafiat nazam k liay boht faida mand h. Dhania ap k qowet e mudafiat ko mazbot banata h. Qowet e mudafiat ap k jisam me wo system h jo mukhtalif bemarion sy lerta h. Ager ap ka mudafiat nazam thek h to ap jeld bemar nahi hon gy. Jasy mukhtalif bemaria cancer,mukhatlif virel or becterial infaction waghara shamil hn. Lehaza ap ka jesam in tamam bemarion sy behter toor per ler sakta h.    

Jeld Kayliye           

Dhania jeld k liay boht mofeed h. Ak tahqeeq me btaya gya h k jo log baqaedgi sy dhaniay ka ya juice ka istmal kerty hn in ki jeld saf rehti h. Dhania k juice k istmal kerny sy yeh acne,pimples or deger masael ko km kerta h jo becteria or fungal ki waja sy hoty hn. Dhania isy door kerta h. Dhiania istmal kerny sy ap ki jeld saf ho jati h. Or jin logon ki jeld khushk hoti h wo zayada sy zayda dhaniay istmal karain.

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