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Lettuce was cultivated thousands of years ago in Egypt. Later it was cultivated in Roman and Greece. Its shape is like a closed cabbage. As well as being a good source of vitamins, it is also rich in antioxidants such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and minerals.Lettuce Juice Benefits , Recipe

Lettuce Juice Recipe

To make lettuce juice, take salad leaves. Take 1 cup apple and take 1 or 2 lemons and take about 3 cups of water.

Now blend all these things for 1 and a half minutes and drink the juice after 4 to 6 hours.

Benefits Of Lettuce Juice

Lettuce juice has various benefits which are given below.

For Swelling

This juice contains anti-inflammatory which helps us to heal the swelling in our body. Lettuce contains catalysts such as lipoxygenase and carrageenan. Which is very useful in relieving inflammation.

Lettuce Juice Benefits For Swelling

For Cholesterol

Lettuce is very good at lowering cholesterol levels. High Cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol, is very harmful. Which leads to heart attack and stroke. Research has shown that the cholesterol level of those who eat lettuce is lower than the cholesterol level of those who do not eat lettuce.

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Lettuce Juice Benefits For Brain

Lettuce stimulates the brain. It helps our brain to function properly. Lettuce juice contains a good amount of magnesium. This is the reason that it benefits the brain considerably. So if you want to sharpen the brain, then eat it or drink its juice.

Lettuce Juice Benefits For Sleep

Lettuce is beneficial for brain health as well as good sleep. This gives them great comfort. Those who do not sleep and they have trouble sleeping. Drinking its juice improves sleep. Mixing lettuce with rose oil also gives good sleep.

Lettuce Juice Benefits For Sleep

Lettuce Juice Benefits For Free Radicals

Lettuce contains anti oxidants and has the property of removing free radicals. Antioxidants are essential for human health, which we can get from lettuce.

For Cancers

Lettuce contains vitamin A which protects us from many types of cancers, especially breast cancer and leukemia. Research has proven. 3 kg of lettuce is required to eliminate leukemia cells.

Lettuce Juice Benefits For Weight

The amount of calories in lettuce is very low. In addition, it contains fibers. Both of these things help us to lose weight.

Lettuce Juice Benefits For Weight

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Lettuce Juice BenefitsSalad Patta Ke Fayde
Lettuce Juice RecipeSalad Pattay Kay Juice Ka Tareeka
Lettuce Juice BenefitsSalad Patta Ke Fawaid
For SwellingSujan Kay Liye
For CholesterolCholesterol Kay Liye
For BrainDemag Kay Liye
For SleepNeend Kay Liye
For Free RadicalsFree Radicals Kay Liye
For CancersCancers Kay Liye
For WeightWzan Kay Liye


Hazarou saal pehlay salad ke pattoun ki khayti misar may ki jati thi.Bad may Greece or Roman may bhee ic ki khayti honay lagi.Yeh dekhnay may band gobhi ki tarha ki hoti hai.Yeh vitamins ka acha source honay kay sath sath ic may anti oxidants calcium phosphorus iron carotene or minerals kafee mikdar may pawye jatay hein.

Salad Pattay Kay Juice Ka Tareeka

Ic kay pattay ka juice bnanay kay liye salad patay lein.1 cup apple lein.Or 1 ya 2 lemon lein.Or takreeban 3 cup pani lein.

Ab in sub cheesoun ko 1 say dayr MIN blend kar lein.Or juice 4 say 6 gantay bad pee lein.

Salad Patta Ke Fawaid

Salad patta ke muktalef fuwaid hein.Jo kay neechay diye gay hein.

Sujan Kay Liye

Salad kay pattoun kay juice may anti inflammatory pawya jata hai.Jo hmaray jisam may sujan ko theak karnay may hmari madad karta hai.Salad kay pattay may lipoxygenase  or carrageenan jesay catalyst hotay hein.Jo sujan ko dhur karnay may bohat mufeed hota hai.

Cholesterol Kay Liye

Salad kay pattay cholesterol ko kam karnay may bohat achay sabit hotay hein.High cholesterol kas toar per LDL cholesterol bohat nuksan deh hota hai.Jo dil kay douray aur astouk ka bais banta hai.Research say maloum huwa hai.Kay  salad khanay waloun ka cholesterol level salad na khanay waloun kay cholesterol level say kaam hota hai.

Demag Kay Liye

Salad patta demag ko tayz karta hai.Yeh hmaray demag ko sahi say kaam karnay may hmari madad karta hai.Salad kay pattay kay juice may magnesium ki kafee achi mikdar hoti hai.Yeh he wja hai.Kay yeh demag ko kafee fayda pouhanchata hai.To agar ap demag ko tayz karna chahtay hein.To ic ko khain ya ic ka juice peeyein.

Neend Kay Liye

Salad patta demag ki sehat kay sath sath achi neend kay liye bhee fayde mand hai.Ic say un logoun ko bra aram meelta hai.Jin ko neend nahi ati.Or unhain neend laynay may masla paysh ata hai.Ic kay juice ko peenay say neend achi ati hai.Salad pata ko gulab kay oil kay sath melanay say bhee achi neend ati hai.

Free Radicals Kay Liye

Salad patta may anti oxidants honay kay sath free radicals khatam karnay ki khasusiyat moujoud hoti hain. Antioxidant  insanee sehat kay liye bohat zaruri hoti hai.Jo hum salad patay say hasil kar saktay hein.

Cancers Kay Liye

Salad kay pattoun may vitamin A moujoud hota hai.Jo hmain kai tarha kay cancers say bchata hai.Khas touar par breast cancer or leukemia.Research say sabit huwa hai leukemia cells ko khatam karnay kay liye 3 KG salad pata darker hota hai.

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Wzan Kay Liye

Salad kay pattoun may calories ki mikdar bohat he kam hoti hai.Ic kay elawa fibers moujoud hotay hein.Yeh dono cheasain wzan ko kam karnay may hmari madad dayti hein.Salad ka juice wzan kaam karnay kay liye madad gar sabit hota hai.

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