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Mango Juice Benefits

Mango is a king of fruits. In mango juice have antioxidants zeaxanthin, sufficient amount of vitamin C and have great level of nutrients and can boost immune system naturally. It is also good source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and contains some vitamin E. Now we discuss some of great health benefits by consuming mango juice regularly.

Benefits Of Mango Juice

There are several health benefits which is mentioned in below.

Mango Juice Benefits For Reduce Cancer

By consuming mango juice is very useful to reduce cancer disease. In mango juice have antioxidant which is fight to cancer. This juice gives positive effect on colon and prostate cancer. 

Mango Juice Benefits For Reduce Cancer

Mango Juice Benefits For Cholesterol 

Mango juice is excellent for reducing the cholesterol because the high level of  fiber and vitamin C  are found in it that help to control the cholesterol level. It can reduce bad ‘LDL’ cholesterol and promote the health of our blood vessels.

Mango Juice Benefits For Cholesterol

Mango Juice Benefits For Diabetes

Mango juice has great ability to control sugar level. One glass of mango juice provides almost 3 grams of fiber. It is also helpful to reduce the high blood pressure. Furthermore, the dietary fibers are found in it that maintains your body’s blood sugar on health level.

How To Get Mango Juice Benefits For Eye?

Mango juice beneficial for eye. This juice is rich with beta carotene and have large amount of antioxidants that improve your vision promote overall eye and overcome the muscular degeneration due to age. This juice act as best fighter against the eye problems such as, dry eyes, night blindness and reduce eyesight.            

Mango Juice Benefits For Eye

Mango Juice Benefits For Digestion System

Mango juice is one of the best juice to reduce the constipation. They are rich in fiber and water content that promote regularity and healthy digestive track. Mango juice acts as mild and natural laxative that can help move food through the digestive track.

Mango Juice Benefits Mango Juice Ke Fayde
Mango Juice BenefitsAmm K Juice Ke Fawaid
For Reduce CancerCancer Kayliye
For Cholesterol Cholesterol Control Karnay Kayliye
For DiabetesDiabetes Kayliye
For EyeAnkhoun Kayliye
For Digestion SystemNazam-E- Hazma Kayliye

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Amm K Juice Ka Taroof

Amm phalon ka badsha h. Am k juice ma antioxidants zeaxanthin, vitamin C or nutrients ki bari satha hoti h.Or yeh fethri tor per qowet-e-madafet ko farogh day sakti h. Yeh potassium, Magnesium, calcium ka b acha zerya h.Or is me kuch vitamin E hota h. Ib hm amm k juice per sahet sy mutalik kuch fawaid per rabadla khayal kerty hn.        

Amm K Juice K Fawaid      

 Yahan amm k juice k boht sary fawaid hn jo nechy dekhay gy hn.         

Cancer Kayliye

Amm ka juice peny say cancer ku bemari ko km kerny me faeda mand sabet hota h. Ic k juice me antioxidants hota h jo cancer sy lerty hn. Amm ka juice anth or prostate cancer per musbet aser dalti h.                             

Cholesterol Control Karnay Kayliye

Amm ka juice cholesterol ko kam kerny k liay bahtreen h.Kion k is me fiber or vitamin C ki alla sathah pai jati h.Jo cholesterol ki sathah ko control kerny me maded dati h.  Yeh kharab LDL cholesterol ko km ker sakta h.Or hamary khon ki sheryano ki sahet ko farogh dy sakta h.

Diabetes Kayliye

Amm k juice me suger level ko control kerny ki bari salahiat h. Amm ka ak glass taqreeban 3 gram fiber ferham kerta h.Yeh high blood pressure ko km kerny me b maded gar h. Mazeed yeh, is me diatery fiber paya jata h.Jo sahet k level per ap k jesam k blood sugar ko berqarar rakhta h.

Ankhoun Kayliye

Amm ka juice ankh k liay faida mand h yeh juice beta carotene sy mala mal h.Or is me bari meqdar me antioxidants majood h.Jo ap k vision ko bahtreen banaty hn.Or ankhon ko majmoee tor per faroogh daty hn.Or umer ki waja sy ankho k pathon k enhathath per kaboo paty hn. Amm ka juice ankhon k masael jasy khushk ankhain, rat k andhy pen ir ankhon ki roshni k khilaf bahtreen km kerta h.

Nazam-E- Hazma Kayliye

Amm ka juice qabaz ko km kerny k liay bahtreen juice h. Jo fiber or pani k ajza sy mala mal hn jo baqedgi or sahet mand hazma track ko farogh daty hn. Amm ka juice halky or qoderti jalab ka kam kerta h . Jo hazma track k zeriay khorak ko montakil  kerny me maded ferham kerta h.

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