Mulberry Juice

Mulberry Juice 2020 | Mulberry (Shahtoot) Juice Benefits

Mulberry juice is usually for health benefits. The tree of mulberry is cultivated in many warm and temperate region of the word like Asia, Africa and America. This sweet and tart berry fruit changes its color firstly from white to green, green to pink, pink to red and then dark purple or even black and then ripe. This juice found alot of nutrients that are very important for our body like iron, vitamin c, vitamin k, riboflavin, potassium phosphorous, antioxidants and calcium. Furthermore, they contain big amount of fiber and organic compounds such as, phytonutrient, zeaxanthin, resveratrol, athocyanins, lutein and various polyphonic compounds. By drinking this juice it gives alot of health and beauty benefits.

Mulberry Juice Benefits

There are several health benefits of mulberry juice.

Mulberry Juice For Constipation

Mulberry juice is mostly for reducing constipation. Because it found alot of fiber or dietary fiber with water that help to manage the constipation. The rich amount of fiber are found in mulberry juice cleans up the intestines and the colon and this juice is also used as a remedy for overcome the constipation.

How to Get Mulberry Juice For Blood Pressure?

This is also used to control blood pressure. This juice contains high content of potassium and low content of sodium. By drinking one glass of mulberry juice provide 272 milligram of potassium. This juice also contains antioxidants this compound is directly effect of certain function of mechanism in blood vessels.

Mulberry Juice For Blood Pressure

Mulberry Juice For Brain Weakness

This juice is also beneficial for removing brain weakness. The antioxidants are found in mulberry juice that protect us from any metal diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and give relaxation. This juice also provides calcium that needs the brain and keeping it hale and healthy.

Mulberry Juice For Eyesight

This juice is excellent for improve eyesight. Because it contain zeaxanthin which has been directly connected to reduction in oxidative stress on certain ocular cells and focus in the retina area and provide the rental protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Mulberry Juice Eyesight
Mulberry Juice Benefits Mulberry (Shahtoot) Juice Ke Fayde
Mulberry Juice BenefitsShahtoot Juice Ke Fawaid
For ConstipationQabaz Ko Door Kary
For Blood PressureBlood Pressure Ko Control Kary
For Brain WeaknessDamagh Ki Kamzori Dor Kary
For EyesightBenai Ko Bahter Banana

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Mulberry (Shahtoot) Juice Ke Fayde

Shahtoot ka juice amm tor per sahet k fawaid k liay hota h. Shahtoot k darakht ko Asia , Africa or America jasy germi or tapashdar khity me kasht kia jata h. Yeh metha or tart berry phal sab sy pahly is ka rung safeed sy sabax, sabaz sy gulabi, gulabi sy surakh.Or phir gehra purple ya kala or phir pak jata h. Shahtoot k juice me boht sary gazai ajza jo hamary jesam k liay boht zarori hoty hn.Jasy iron, vitamin C, vitamin k, riboflavin, potassium, phosphorus, antioxidants and calcium. Mazeed yeh k is me fiber or namyati merkabat ki bari meqdar hoti h.Jasy phytonutrient, zeaxanthin, resveratrol, athocuanins, lutein or mokhtalif polyphonic compounds hotu hn. Shahtoot ka juice penay sy sahet or khubsorthi k boht sary fawaid milty hn.

Shatoth K Juice K Fawaid

shahtoot k juice k latadad saheth sy mutaliq fawaid hn.

Qabaz Ko Door Kary

Shahtoot ka juice zayada ter qabaz ko door kerny k liay hota h. Kion k is me pani k sath boht sary fiber ya dietary fiber ki bherpoor meqdar pai jati h. Jisy anth or bari anth saf ho jati h. Or is ka juice qabaz ko door kerny k liay istmal hota h.

Blood Pressure Ko Control Kary

Blood pressure ko control kerny k liay shatoth ka juice b istmal kia jata h. shahtoot k juice me potassium ki alla meqdar or sodium ki kam meqdar hoti h. Ak glass shatoth ka juice penay sy 272 milligram potassium milta h. shahtoot k juice me antioxidants b hoty hn yeh merkab khon ki vessels me mechanism k kuch khas km braherasth kerty hn.

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Damagh Ki Kamzori Dor Kary

Shahtoot ka juice demagh ki kamzori ko dor kerny k liay b faida mand h. Antioxidants shahtoot k juice me pau jaty hn.Jo hmay damgh k bemarion jasy Alzheimer’s demari sy bachaty hn.Or aram daty hn. shahtoot ka juice calcium b mohaiya kerta h.Jis me demagh k zeroret hoti h.Or isay hafzan sahet mand rakhta h.

Benai Ko Bahter Banana

Shahtoot ka juice ankhon ki roshni ko bahter bnany k liay bahtreen h. Kion k is me zeaxanthin hota h. Jo baaz okoler khikion per oxidative tanao me kami or ratena k area me focus kerny k sath braherasth jura hota h. Or suraj k ultraviolet showaon sy tahafoz ferham kerta h.

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