Why do you need PCT after Anavar

Why do you need PCT after Anavar

In the case of Anavar, such treatment is performed after the end of the steroid hormone cycle. why – To reduce side effects and complications after the course. And it can be if Oxandlon was taken with another anabolic agent (to increase the effect) or if the solo course was completed in large doses.

After taking an anabolic steroid, a “reversal” occurs. In bodybuilding, this term describes the process of breaking down muscle mass. Unfortunately, this phenomenon awaits everyone without exception and lasts for about a month after the course. “Back” is especially pronounced when using drugs in large doses, as well as in improperly designed course.

In addition to reducing the loss of muscle mass gained, PCT after the 3rd cycle solves other equally important tasks, namely:

  • Avoidance of estrogen-dependent side effects such as: feminization (development of secondary female sexual characteristics) and gynecomastia (benign breast enlargement).
  • Restoration of testosterone production and normal sperm count (testicular atrophy and oligospermia).
  • Restoration of hormonal background.

In fact, male use of anabolic steroids, including oxandrolone, results in a decrease in one’s own testosterone production. This drug is based on testosterone and can reduce its natural production by increasing the artificial hormone in the male body. Therefore, after stopping the use of AS, it is recommended to use drugs that help to restore their own production. It is ineffective with long-term use of steroids after therapy or rehabilitation therapy with tribulus alone or testosterone boosters.

Anavar is a steroid that can be used for sports or bodybuilding by women who want to avoid masculinization. It is recommended that the use of Anavar for bodybuilding or athletic purposes should not last more than 4-6 weeks for women and men.

PCT after the Anavar course: drugs and rules

PCT after the Anavar course_ drugs and rules

PCT begins only after the effects of anabolic steroids have ceased. For Oxandrolone tablets, this is 3-5 days after the last tablet.

PCT after the course of oxandrolone contains Clomid (clomiphene citrate). It is the best hormonal antiestrogen that allows you to increase your own testosterone production after the course and prevent the occurrence of side effects after the course. Tamoxifen can be replaced with Clomid.

It is also a potent nonsteroidal estrogen antagonist with the same clinical effects. It also restores its own testosterone well, but is now considered obsolete. Some PCT athletes also add additional testosterone boosters such as tribulus. It is believed that in this way the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular arch starts more correctly and recovery is faster and better.

How to take clomiphene citrate:

  • 14 mg 50 days daily;
  • 12 days 25 mg p.p. Day + zinc 50 mg (zinc picalinate) + B6 10 mg.

When you stop taking clomiphene, you should take the following for one month:

  • Zinc 25-30 mg per day;
  • Vitamin B6 10 mg per day;
  • Vitamin E 200 mg per day.

Taking this product should be started only after the release of hormones with exogenous properties from the body. It pays to find out the “half-life” of any steroid you need. The recommended dose depends on the severity of the course. The standard amount of the drug is 100 mg per day for the first week, 50 mg for the next 3 weeks, 25 mg for the next 2 weeks.

If you are on a mild cycle, you can use half of the above doses for PCT. After performing rehabilitation therapy, it is important to restore your own testosterone levels, which were achieved at pre-steroid levels. It is better to take a test and not monitor the condition of the body. Then you will get a reliable result.

Workouts after Anavar course

Workouts after Anavar course

The anabolic steroid Oxadrlon is a good helper in achieving a beloved goal. However, it will not work for you in the gym and monitor your diet. Only complex work will achieve the greatest result in the course and after it. Follow a sports diet, a special training program, take a sports diet, including: amino acids, proteins, vitamin complexes. And don’t forget to rest and rest properly.

The main change on which the training plan should be based: reduce physical activity at least twice. At such a moderate pace, you should be an athlete for a month, and then the load will gradually increase and eventually bring it back to the level the athlete was at before.

When taking AS, the rate of breakdown and release of cellular energy is greatly reduced, which means that the synthesis of proteins needed for the formation of new muscle fibers is impossible. And ready-to-use myofibrils separate naturally. And it is precisely because of this process, and not because of the high levels of hydrocortisol described above, that PCT after the cycle becomes an absolutely necessary procedure.

Physical activity is, of course, an incredibly powerful muscle depressant. And when that stress occurs, cortisol, a stress hormone that damages muscle fibers, is formed. Therefore, reducing the load should reduce its production until the natural function of testosterone production is restored.

If you cut time in half, an athlete who previously trained four hours a day should train one and a half to two hours, but this is for experienced bodybuilders. Exercise usually lasts an hour or an hour and a half, and the load during PCT should not exceed 30 minutes, the list of exercises should include basic exercises, so that all muscles of the body are used without exception. . At the same time, the weight used during the hours should not be reduced by more than twenty percent.


If the daily protein requirement while taking steroids was three grams or more, the protein is strictly reduced to two g / day. Carbohydrates are calculated by weight: three grams per kilogram of body weight, after lunch it is desirable to limit their consumption. It should be eaten in part, in small portions with breaks of two to two and a half hours, attention should also be paid to the contribution of amino acids BCAAs, creatine and vitamins. The fight against insomnia and the subsequent normalization of sleep is very important.