Star Fruit Benefits

Star Fruit Benefits For Health 2020 | Star Fruit Ke Fayde

Star fruit is also known as carambola. It is shaped like a star. Star fruit tastes sweet and sour. Star fruit is found mostly in south East Asia Malaysia and the Philippines. This fruit requires both sun and rain. This fruit looks like a star. That is why it has been named Star Fruit. It contains a large amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Calcium Iron and Magnesium.Star Fruit Benefits

Benefits Of Star Fruits

The benefits of Star Fruit are listed below.

For Weight Loss

Star fruit is one of these fruits which has very low calorie content. 5 grams of star fruit contains about 27 calories. That is why people who are given a diet to lose weight should consume star fruit. They should use star fruit. Eating it can reduce weight.

Star Fruit Benefits For Weight Loss

Star Fruit Benefits For Cholesterol

Star fruit contains good dietary fiber. These fibers reduce the amount of bad cholesterol. It replenishes our good cholesterol, which is considered good for our health.

Star Fruit Benefits For Our Immune System

As you may know, this fruit is rich in Vitamin C. It fixes the immune system in our body. We don’t get sick so quickly. By eating it we get rid of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

For Our Age

Star fruit also contains a good amount of antioxidants that eliminate dangerous free radicals in our body. Which helps to increase our age and it increases our age.

Star Fruit Benefits For Age

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For Metabolism

As well as having B complex vitamins in this fruit, it keeps our metabolism equal.

Star Fruit Benefits For Our Heart

Due to the high amount of potassium phosphorus zinc in this fruit, it controls the heart rate and blood pressure in our heart. Which makes our heart work properly and our heart stays strong.

Star Fruit Benefits For Coughs And Colds

It has also been found that star fruit has been used in Brazil for coughs and colds. Which has got rid of cough and cold.If the cough and cold are more, its use can reduce the cough.

Star Fruit Benefits For Sugar

It contains low carbohydrates and plenty of insoluble fiber. This is considered good for diabetes or sugar patients.This helps to control sugar.

Star Fruit Benefits For Sugar
Star Fruit BenefitsStar Fruit Ke Fayde
Benefits Of Star FruitsStar Fruit Ke Fawaid
For Weight LossWzan Kay Liye
For CholesterolCholesterol Kay Liye
For Our Immune SystemImmunity Kay Liye
For Our AgeUmer Kay Liye
For MetabolismMetabolism Kay Liye
For Our HeartDil Kay Liye
For Coughs And ColdsKhansi Kay Liye
For SugarSugar Kay Liye

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Star Fruit Ka Taroof

Star fruit ko carambola kay nam say bhe jana jata hai.Ic ki shakal staray ki tarha ki hoti hai.Star fruit ka zaika khata metha hota hai.Star fruit zeeada tar south east asia Malaysia or Philippines may pawya jata hai.Ic phal ko suraj or barish dono ki zarurat hoti hai.Yeh fruit star ki tarha nazar ata hai. Ic liye ic ko star fruit ka nam dia gia hai.Ic kay andar kafee zeeada mikdar may Vitamin C Vitamin B Calcium Iron Magnesium pawya jata hai.

Star Fruit Ke Fawaid

Star fruit ke muktaleef fawaid neechay diye gaye hein.

Wzan Kay Liye

Star fruit un phaloun may say ek phal hai.Jis may calories kafee kam mikdar may pawi jati hai.Star fruit kay 100 grm phal may takreeban 27 calories pawi jati hain.Ic liye jin logon ko wzan kam karnay kay liye diet de jati hai.Unhain star fruit ka istmal karna chahye.Ic say diet k sath wzan kaam kia ja sakta hai.

Cholesterol Kay Liye

Star fruit may achi dietary fiber pawi jati hai.Yeh fiber bad cholesterol ki mikdar ko kaam kartay hein.Or hmara good cholesterol ki mikdar bharti hai.Jo hmari sehat kay liye acha mana jata hai.

Immunity Kay Liye

Jesaw kay ap ko pta ho ga kay star fruit may vitamin c kafee mikdar may pawya jata hai.Ic say hmaray jisam may immune  system theak hota hai.Or hmain bemariyan itni jaldi nahi lagtin.Ic ki wja say khatar nak bacteria  or viruses say hum bchay rehtay hein.

Umer Kay Liye

Star fruit may antioxidants  bhe kafee achi mikdar may pawye jatay hein.Jo kay hmray jisam may khatar nak free redical ko khatam kartay hein. Or hmari umer ko bharnay may madad daytay hein. Jis say hmari umer may izafa hota hai.

Metabolism Kay Liye

In kay sath sath ic phal may B complex vitamins honay ki wja say yeh hmaray meta bolism ko brabar rakhta hai.

Dil Kay Liye

Ic phal may kafee zeeada mikdar may potassium phosphorus zinc honay ki wja say yeh hmaray dil may heart rate or blood pressure ko control may rakhta hai.Jis say humara dil sai say kam karta hai.Or humra dil mazbout bana rehta hai.

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Khansi Kay Liye

Esaw bhe pawya gia hai kay star fruit ka istmal brazil may khanse nazlay or zukam kay liye kia gia hai.Jis say khansee or nazla say najad pawi gai hai.Or agar ap ko khansee zeeada hai.To ic kay istmal say khansee ko kaam kia ga sakta hai.

Sugar Kay Liye

Ic may low carbohydrates or kafee mikdar may insoluble fiber pawya jata hai.Jo kay diabetes ya sugar kay marizoun kay liye achi mani jati hai.Or ic say sugar per kabu pawya jata hai.


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