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Sweet Potato Juice Benefits

Sweet potato is like a potato. Sweet potato is a root. Because sweet potato is sweet this is why it is called sweet potato.Sweet Potato Juice Benefits This potato contains Iron Copper Magnesium Beta Carotene Vitamin D Vitamin C Vitamin A Fiber. This potato is found mostly in winter season.

Recipe Of Sweet Potato Juice

  • To make sweet potato juice, take 1 coconut (medium size) 1 sweet potato (medium size) 1 cup milk and a little sugar and water.
  • And then cut the coconut and sweet potato into small pieces.
  •  Put coconut, sweet potato and water in a blender and blend.
  • And then put milk and sugar in it. Then sift through it.
  • And then stir for 10 minutes. And drink.

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits

There are many benefits of sweet potato juice which are given below.

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits For Bones

Sweet potato juice contains Vitamin D.We all know that Vitamin D is very important for our bones. If we drink sweet potato juice, our bones will get stronger quickly.

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits For Immunity

Sweet potato juice contains Vitamin C, which helps us fight many diseases. Drinking its juice strengthens our immune system. It prevents any kind of disease.

For Eyes

Vitamin A is also found in sweet potato juice. Its juice maintains the retina, which is found in our eyes. Which is why our eyes do not get bad and the power of our eye sight fills.

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits For Eyes

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For Blood Pressure

It contains 2 elements called Magnesium and Potassium. Potassium helps in lowering blood pressure. Which reduces the chances of heart stroke and Magnesium protects against diseases like brain stroke.

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits For Digestive System

It helps to heal the digestive system. It contains Fiber, which is also found in ordinary potatoes. But by eating it.It helps us to keep away diseases like constipation.

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits For Digestive System

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits For Blood Sugar

Sweet potato contains Carotene and Vitamin B6. Carotene maintains our insulin levels and because of Vitamin B6, our blood sugar is under control.

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits For Blood Sugar

For Cancers

Sweet potatoes contain Vitamin A and Beta Carotene and Beta Carotene protects us from many cancers. Sweet potato inhibits the growth of cancer cells and it also kills the cancer cells that are alive.

Sweet Potato Juice BenefitsShakarkandi Ke Fayde
Sweet Potato Juice RecipeShakarkandi Ka Juice Bnanay Ka Treeka
Sweet Potato Juice BenefitsShakarkandi Kay Juice Ke Fayde
For BonesHadiyoun Kay Liye
For ImmunityImmunity Kay Liye
For EyesNazar Kay Liye
For Blood PressureBlood Pressure Kay Liye
For Digestive SystemDigestive System Kay Liye
For Blood SugarBlood Sugar Kay Liye
For CancersCancers Kay Liye

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Sweet potato / Shakarkandi  ki surat alu ki tarha ki hoti hai.Sweet potato / Shakarkandi  ek jar hoti hai. Shakarkandi  kyun kay meethe hoti hai.Ic liye ic ko sweet potato kha jata hai.Shakarkandi may Iron Copper Magnesium Beta Carotene  Vitamin D  Vitamin C  Vitamin A  Fiber paye jatay hein. Shakarkandi sardiyoun kay mosam may zeeada tar pawi jati hai.

Sweet Potato / Shakarkandi Ka Juice Bnanay Ka Treeka

Sweet potato / Shakarkandi ka juice bnanay kay liye ap 1 coconut (medium size ka) 1 shakarkandi (medium size ka) 1 cup milk thori see cheeni or pani lein.

Ic kay bad coconut or shakarkandi kay chootay chootay tukray kr lein.

Ic kay bad coconut , shakarkandi or pani ko blender may dal kar blend kr lein.

Or phir ic may milk or sugar ko daal dein. Ic kay bad ic ko chaan lein.

Or 10 min tak hlaein.Or pe lein.

Shakarkandi Kay Juice Ke Fayde

Shakarkandi kay juice kay kafee fayde hein.Jo kay neechay diye gaye hein.

Hadiyoun Kay Liye

Shakarkandi kay juice may vitamin D hota hai.Or hum sub jantay hein Vitamin D hmari hadiyoun kay liye bohat zaruri hoti hai.Agar hum Shakarkandi ka juice peeyen gay to hmari hadiyan jaldi say mazbout hoon gin.

Immunity Kay Liye

Shakarkandi kay juice may Vitamin C pawya jata hai.Jo kay hmay kafee tarha ki beemariyoun say larnay may hmari madad karta hai.Ic ka juice peenay say hmara immune system takatwar hota hai.Jo kesee beemari ko anay say rokta hai.

Nazar Kay Liye

Shakarkandi kay juice may Vitamin A bhee pawya jata hai.Ic ka juice retina ko maintain karta hai.Jo kay hmari ankhoun may pawi jati hai.Jis ki wja say hmari ankhain itni jaldi kharab nai hotin.Or hmari ankhoun ki dekhnay ki shakhti bharti hai.

Blood Pressure Kay Liye

Ic may 2 elements pawye jatay hein.Jo kay Magnesium or Potassium nam kay hein.In may Potassium blood pressure ko kam karnay may madad dayta hai.Jis say heart stroke kay chances kaam ho jatay hein.Or Magnesium brain stroke jesee bemari say bchata hai.

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Digestive System Kay Liye

Yeh digestive system ko heal karnay may madad karta hai.Ic may Fiber pawya jata hai.Jo kay aam alu may bhe pawi jati hai.Laykin ic ko khanay say yeh hmain constipation jesee bemariyoun ko dhur rakhnay may hmari madad karta hai.

Blood Sugar Kay Liye

Ic kay juice may Carotene or Vitamin B 6 pawya jata hai.Carotene hmaray insulin level ko maintain karta hai. Or Vitamin B 6 honay ki wja say hmari blood sugar bhee kafe had tak control may rehta hai.

Cancers Kay Liye

Shakarkandi may Vitamin A or Beta carotene pawya jata hai.Or Beta Carotene hmay kai tarha kay cancers say bchata hai.Shakarkandi cancer cells ki growth ko rokta hai.Or jo cancer cell zinda hotay hein.Un ko bhee kill karta hai.

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