Arugula Taramira Oil Benefits 2020 | Taramira Oil Ke Fayde

Taramira Oil Benefits

One of the most common problems today is hair loss. This is a common problem that affects almost everyone. People lose so much hair that people’s hair becomes very short. This may be due to many reasons. Arugula Taramira Oil Benefits For example, taking stress and using different types of chemicals.

Benefits Taramira Oil

Arugula Taramira oil has various benefits which are given below.

Taramira Oil Benefits For Hairs

Arugula is a plant. Its oil is extracted from its seeds and this oil is very good for our hair. This plant is found where sand is found more. This plant is found in very few places. Its oil is mostly found in Pakistan and India. This oil is considered to be quite good for hair. If you use taramira oil 2 to 3 times in 1 week then it will make your hair shiny and strengthen the hair.

Taramira Oil Benefits For Hair

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How To Apply Taramira Oil

Here’s how to apply taramira oil. If you can’t apply it for a long time, apply it 2 to 3 hours before taking a bath. Massage your head with its oil. This oil will keep your hair healthy. If your hair has stopped growing, it will also start filling with arugula taramira oil. If you want long hair then use arugula taramira oil.

Taramira Oil Benefits For Dandruff

Arugula Taramira oil also cures dandruff. Many people have the problem of dandruff. Which does not go away. So if you apply taramira oil then it will reduce your dandruff problem to a great extent.

Taramira Oil Benefits For Baldness

If the baldness of your head is visible then use arugula taramira oil to enhance the hair in this situation. This will make your hair grow and baldness will go away.

Taramira Oil Benefits For Baldness

Taramira Oil Benefits For Lice

If you have lice in your head and you are worried. So even in this case arugula taramira oil is best. Apply taramira on the hair and cover the head for a while. This will kill the lice. Use it 2 to 3 times in 1 week.

Taramira Oil Benefits For Lice
Arugula Taramira Oil Benefits Taramira Oil Ke Fayde
Benefits Taramira OilTaramira Oil kay fayde
For HairsBalon Kay Liye
How To Apply Taramira OilTaramira Oil Ko Lganay Ka Treeka
For DandruffDandruff Kay Liye
For BaldnessGanjay Pan Kay Liye
For LiceJowoun Kay Liye

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Aj kall sub say zeeada problem jo dekhi ja rahi hai.Wo hai balon ka jharna.Yeh ek aam see problem hai.Jo takreeban sub he logoun ko pesh a rahi hai.Itnay bal girtay hein kay logoun kay bal jar jar kay patlay ho chukay hein ya bohat kam ho chukay hein.Ic ki wja bohat see wjaein ho sakti hein.Misal kay toar per strees ka layna or muktaleef kisam kay chemicals ka use karna ho sakta hai.

Taramira Oil kay fayde

Taramira oil kay muktleef fayde hein.Jo neechay diye gaye hein.

Balon Kay Liye

Ek plant hota hai arugula.Us kay beejun say ic ka oil neekala jata hai.Or yeh oil hmray baloun kay liye bohat acha sabit hota hai.Yeh plant wahan pawya jata hai jahan rayte zeeada pawyie jati ho.Yeh plant Pakistan or india kafee kam jaghoun per pawya jata ha.Ic ka oil zeeada tar yahan he meelta hai.Yeh oil baloun kay liye wakay e kafee acha mana jata hai.Agar ap ic ka oil 1 haftay may 2 say 3 bar use kartay hein.To yeh ap kay baloun ko chamakdar bna day ga.Yeh baloun ko mazbout karta hai.Baloun ka jarna bhee kam ho jaye ga.Or ap kay ball bohat jaldi grow bhee karein gay.

Oil Ko Lganay Ka Treeka

Oil ko lganay ka treeka kuch yun hai.Kay ap ic ko rat kay waqat lgein.Agar itni dayr nahi lga saktay to ic ko nhanay say 2 3 gantay pehlay lgain.Ic kay oil say apnay sir ki malesh krein.Ic oil say ap kay ball healthy rhein gay.Ap kay ball agar bharna band ho gay hein to taramira oil say wo bhee bharnay lag jain gay.Agar ap ko lambay baloun ki chahat hai.To taramira oil ko istmal krein.

Dandruff Kay Liye

Taramira kay oil say dandruff ki problem bhee dhour hoti hai.Kai logoun ko dandrouf ki problem hoti hai.Jo khatam nai hoti.To agar ap taramira oil lgatay hein to ic say aap kay dandrouf ki problem bhee kafee had tak kaam ho jaye gi.

Ganjay Pan Kay Liye

Agar ap kay sir ka ganja pan dekhai daynay lag gia hai.To ic situation may baloun ko enhance karnay kay liye taramira oil ka use krein.Ic say ap kay baloun may ezafa ho ga.Or ganja pan dhour ho jaye ga.

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Jowoun Kay Liye

Agar ap kay sir my jowain ho gai hain.Or ap preshan hain.To us surat may bhe taramira ka oil best hota hai.Ap taramira oil ko baloun per lgein.Or kuch deink ay liye sir ko dhanp lein.Ic say jowein mar jain gien.Yeh 1 week may 2 say 3 bar istmal krein.

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