Taro Root Benefits

Taro Root Benefits For Health 2020 | Arbi Ke Fayde

Taro root is one of the famous vegetables in the world. Taro root is found underground like potato. This root is the famous root of plants. It is light brown in color. The taste of taro root is dull and itchy in the throat.The mood of taro root is warm and some people even consider it cold.Taro Root Benefits It contains Fiber Cryptoxanthin Antioxidants Vitamin E Vitamin A and Magnesium.

Benefits Of Taro Root

There are various benefits of taro root which are given below.

Taro Root Benefits For Stomach

Taro root contains dietary fiber. Having dietary fiber in it cures our stomach ailments. If you have any stomach ailment, you can use taro root vegetable. This will cure your stomach problem.

Taro Root Benefits For Stomach

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For Cancer

The cryptoxanthin found in taro root which reduces chances of getting lung and cancer.

Taro Root Benefits For Diabetes

The fiber found in taro root which is considered to be very good for diabetics. It helps us to control diabetes. Because it controls the insulin and glucose in the body.

Taro Root Benefits For Diabetes

For Eyes

Taro root contains antioxidants such as beta carotene and cryptoxanthin. These antioxidants prevent things that attack the eyes and also help us to improve the eyes.

Taro Root Benefits For Skin

Taro root contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A which is good for our skin. Both of these vitamins help to correct the bad areas of our skin. Because of this our scars heal faster and our skin is cleansed.

Taro Root Benefits For Weight Loss

For those who wants to lose weight, taro root is very good for them. Because it has very few calories. 1 cup of cooked taro root gives you only 189 calories, which are considered quite low.

Taro Root Benefits For Weight Loss

Taro Root Benefits For Bones

The taro root contains magnesium which is good for bones and joints. It strengthens the joints and bones in our body, which makes our bones and joints strong.

Taro Root Benefits Arbi Ke Fayde
Benefits Of Taro RootArbi Ke Fayde
For StomachPayt Kay Liye
For CancerCancer Kay Liye
For DiabetesDiabetes Kay Liye
For EyesAnkhoun Kay Liye
For SkinJheeld Kay Liye
For Weight LossWzan Kam Karnay Kay Liye
For BonesHadiyoun Kay Liye

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Taro / Arbi ek mashhour sabzi hai.Arbi alu ki tarha zameen kay andar pawi jati hai.Arbi nabatat ki mash hoor jar hai.Ic ka rang halsa saw bura hota hai.Ic ka zaika pheeka or halk may kharash karnay wala hota hai.Ic ka mzaj garm hota hai.Or baz log ic ko sard bhe mantay hein. Arbi may fiber cryptoxanthin antioxidants Vitamin E Vitamin A or magnesium pawya jata hai.

Taro Root / Arbi Ke Fayde

Taro Root Arbi kay muktaleef fayde hein.Jo neechay diye gaye hein.

Payt Kay Liye

Arbi  may dietary fiber pawya jata hai.Ic may dietary fiber honay ki wja say hmaray payt ki bemariyan dhour hoti hain.Agar ap kay payt may koi beemari ho to ap arbi ki sabzi ka istmal krein.Ic say ap kay payt ki problem theak ho jaye gi

Cancer Kay Liye

Arbi may pawya janay wala cryptoxanthin hmaray phephray or cancer kay honay kay chances ko kam karta hai.

Diabetes Kay Liye

Arbi kay andar pawya janay wala fiber diabetes kay mareezoun kay liye bohat acha mana jata hai.Yeh diabetes ko control karnay may hmari madad karta hai.Kyun kay yeh jisam may moujoud insulin or glucose ko control karta hai.

Ankhoun Kay Liye

Arbi may beta carotene or cryptoxanthin  jesay kai anti oxidants pawye jatay hain.Yeh anti oxidants ankhoun per hamla karnay wali cheesoun ko roktay hein.Or ic kay sath sath ankhoun ko behtar bnanay may bhe hmari madad kartay hein.

Jheeld Kay Liye

Vitamin E or Vitamin A kay sath hmari jheeld achi hoti hai.Yeh dono vitamins hmari jheeld ki kharab jaghoun ko sahi karnay may madad kartay hein.Ic ki wja say hmaray dahag tayzee say theak ho jatay hein.Or hmari jheeld saaf ho jati hai.

Wzan Kam Karnay Kay Liye

Jo log wzan kaam karna chahtay hein.Un kay liye arbi bohat achi sabit hoti hai.Kyun kay ic may bohat he kaam calorie hoti hai.1 Cup paki hoi arbi may ap ko siraf or siraf 189 Calories meelti hein.Jo kafee kaam mani jati hain.

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Hadiyoun Kay Liye

Arbi kay andar magnesium hota hai.Jo hadiyoun or joroun kay liye acha hota hai.Yeh hmaray jisam may joroun or hadiyoun ko mazbout bnata hai.Jis say hmari hadiyan or jor takatwar ho jatay hain.

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