Top 5 Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice 2020 | Lauki Ka Juice

Bottle gourd works as a medicine for many ailments. It contains high amounts of Vitamin B vitamin C Sodium Potassium Zinc Iron.Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice

Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice For Weight Loss

The bottle gourd contains a lot of fiber which helps a lot in weight loss. If you drink a bottle of gourd juice for 1 month, you will notice a significant difference in your weight. Fiber will burn your stomach fat. If you are drinking bottle gourd juice for weight loss then drink  all the juice. Because otherwise there would be fiber loss.

Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice For Blood Pressure

The bottle gourd juice is also very helpful in eliminating dangerous diseases like blood pressure and cholesterol. Mixing 1 cup bottle of gourd juice with 1 glass of water in the morning will help to control your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice For Digestive System

The gourd bottle also controls the digestive system. It eliminates constipation.The gourd bottle likewise controls the stomach related framework. It disposes of blockage.

Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice For Diabetes

In the morning mix half a cup of bitter gourd juice in 1 glass bottle gourd juice and add a little salt and pepper to it and drink and remove the diabetes.

Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice For Hairs

The bottle gourd juice ends up being white hairs. Just drink the bottle gourd juice will keep the hair in a natural state. Simply drink the container gourd juice will keep the hair in a characteristic state.

Note : Before making a bottle gourd juice, check it. If bitter, throw it away.

Benefits Of Bottle Gourd JuiceLauki Ka Juice K Fayde
For Weight LossWzan Kay Liye
For Blood PessureBlood Pressure Kay Liye
For Digestive SystemDigestive System Kay Liye
For DiabetesDiabetes Kay Liye
For HairsBaloun Kay Liye

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Lauki Ka Juice K Fayde | Bottle Gourd Juice K Fayde

Lauki kafee sari bemariyoun kay liye ek duwa ka kaam karti hai.ic may  vitamin B vitamin C Sodium Potassium Zinc Iron kafee zeeada mikdar may hota hai.

Wzan Kay Liye

lauki  may bohat sara fiber hota hai jo weight loss karnay may bohat help full hota hai.1 mah tak agar ap lauki ka juice peeyan gay to ap apnay weight may acha khasa faraq mehsus karain gay.Fiber ap k payt may charbi ko burn kar day ga.Agar ap weight loss karnay kay liye lauki ka juice pee rhay hain to sray ka sara juice istmal krain. Kyun k nai to fiber loss ho jaye ga.

Blood Pressure Kay Liye

Lauki ka juice blood pressure or cholesterol jesee khatarnak beemariyoun ko khatam karnay kay liye  bhee bohat helpful hai.Subha khali payt 1 glass pani may 1 cup lauki ka juice meela kar peenay say ap ka blood pressure or cholesterol level control ma a jaye ga.

Digestive System Kay Liye

Lauki digestive system ko bhee control karti hai.Kabz ko dhur kar dayti hai.Or liver may sujan wgera ko dhur karnay kay liye bhee lauki ka juice sub say acha rehta hai.

Diabetes Kay Liye

Subha 1 glass lauki k juice may ada cup karelay kay juice ko meelain.Or us may thora saw namak or kali mirch dal kar pe lain or diabetes ko dhour karain.

Baloun Kay Liye

Baloun ka sfaid hona  bhe lauki ka juice khatam karta hai.Sirf lauki ka juice peenay say bal qudarti halat may rhain gay.

Note  :  Lauki ka juice bnanay say pehlay ic ko check kar lein kay karwi to nai hai agar karwi ho to phaink dain.

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